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Article Critiques 2
Article Critiques 2
An Alberta Perspective on Aboriginal Peoples and the Constitution
Opeyemi Fadipe
University College of the North
Aboriginal Politics 2
Sharon McLeod
January 29, 2019
Running head: Article Critiques 2
Boldt, Menno & J. Anthony Long, Ed. (1985) “An Alberta Perspective on Aboriginal Peoples and the Constitution”, by Richard Dalon, in The Quest for Justice: Aboriginal Peoples and Aboriginal Rights, University of Toronto Press.
The quest for justice: Aboriginal peoples and Aboriginal rights is a book collection of many voices that develops more deeply and comprehensively of the issues raised in the editor’s earlier volume in Pathways to Self Determination, which includes some twenty-three papers from representatives of the Aboriginal people’s organizations, governments and academic disciplines. Also includes key Constitutional documents from 1763. Various constitutional questions relating to Canadian natives, such as land rights are addressed. It also includes varieties of academic disciplines, together with the introductions and a conclusion by the editor. The book also discussed the issues of Aboriginal rights and what their rights means in terms of land and sovereignty. And how the Aboriginal people are seeking and asking for their justice from the dominant society around them.
Furthermore, one of the articles in the book written by Richard Dalon titled An Alberta Perspectives on Aboriginal Peoples and the Constitution, whereby he discussed about the three distinct but related purposes which provides a historical account of events of the Aboriginal constitutional process between November 1981 and March 1984. Likewise, there is an analysis provided on certain events and a clarification of certain sections and an amendment to the constitutional Act, 1982. The Aboriginal rights and the constitution discussion did not occur until the events were quickly and unsurprisingly pushing the constitution towards the patriation in a climate of federal provincial hostility, this has several consequences like; first, there was just a little time for discussions to take place, when the amendments to the constitution were introduced to the parliament and when the patriation occurred. Although there was no established forum for discussion to take place. Second, the province was preoccupied with their efforts to stop the federal government and all the other issues received insufficient attention. This is because they were forced to focused there attention somewhere else. Finally, there is also no time remained for discussion and to examine the specific wording of the Aboriginal amendments.
(Richard, 1985, p. 85) stated that in “any events, the final Federal provincial accord included Section 25 and 36, but not Section 34” and later said “after three weeks following the conference that occurred 5 November, the commons voted to restore the Section 35 formally known as Section 34 in the constitution”. The only differe...


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