Racial Profiling Is A Disputed Term. Hcc Speech Outline

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Step 1: Attention
1. High-performing organizations do not all look alike.
a. The measure for one might be output; for another, impact; or for a third, synoptic leaps in efficiency.
i. What is missing from society today is the turbulence surrounding our political and economic environment that compels truly stellar nonprofits to continuously adjust, adapt, and change.
ii. An example of such an organization who needs to realize the importance of such change is, GADDN - Global African Diaspora Development Network. GADDN is non-profit organization who’s mission is to be a gateway to Connect, collaborate and partner with various networks of African descendants in Diaspora worldwide and Africans on the Continent (GADDN website).
iii. Their vision is to unite African descendants globally to effectively utilize their positions, influence and resources to contribute in building a strong and respected community wherever they are in Diaspora and participate in building an economic thriving Africa (GADDN).
Step 2: Need
2. When dealing with a prominent issue in such an everchanging world, it Is important that learn how best to affect that change at every stage.
a. The African Diaspora has been formed by the movements of Africans and their descendants to regions throughout Europe, the Caribbean, North America, South America, and Central America.
b. The majority of the African Diaspora descends from individuals who were taken into slavery; however, we are witnessing an increase of voluntary immigrants and asylum-seekers. (culturaldiplomacyinafrica).
c. Apart from problems which the Diaspora faces, the situation of the Diaspora poses the question...

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