Racism And Its Effect On Communities Las141 Essay

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Racism and its Effect on Communities
Racism has been a cancer to societies for as long as societies themselves have existed. A very large majority of the atrocities that have occurred throughout history have stemmed from the evil of racism. It seems as though racism is a problem that will never fade away, no matter how much society advances. You can find racism anywhere in the world and its effects have been devastating to many. There is no easy-fix solution to the issue of racism, but you can play your part in attempting to fight it by standing up for what is right in your own community. By treating everyone equally and not judging people or having preconceived notions about someone based on their race, you can become the part of the fight against an issue that has plagued communities for thousands of years.
Before diving into the topic of racism itself, it is important to address and define racial identity. In short; racial identity is the background, characteristics, and unique physical qualities of a person or group of peoples (“Discrimination”). This can also include the details of their culture or any other characteristics of someone that come from their race. An individual’s racial identity should not limit other people’s perception of that individual. There is so much more that defines a person outside of race and some people fail to see that. Some people judge others strictly on the color of their skin or how they speak. These qualities should not determine how people treat one another. Racial identity does not define who that person is and it should most definitely not determine an individual’s self-worth. Race is a quality that should be celebrated and embraced but it cannot strictly determine who someone is or how other people perceive them.
Racism is a detriment to society that slows our progress as a whole. If a group of people is not allowed, or discouraged, to participate culturally, we fail to understand and appreciate our differences and similarities. We fail to make advancements socially and are unable to get along with those who are different than us. No matter how hard individuals or communities might try to separate classes or races, we will, at least on some occasions, have to be in contact with those who are ethnically different than us (“Racism and Community.”). Therefore, it is imperative that we are accepting of others, and not only tolerant. Tolerating someone is merely acknowledging them, while accepting someone has a deeper meaning. When you accept someone, you embrace them with inclusion and companionship. Racism, on the other hand, does the complete opposite. Society as a whole cannot make significant advancements while the issue of racism weighs us down. Differences among peoples should be celebrated, not used as a reason to treat someone like they are lesser than you.
One major factor that can contribute to continually allowing racism to exist is government. Throughout much of history, you will find instances...

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