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Racism Sexism And Religion. Still Big Issues For America

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While sitting and looking through my high school yearbook I couldn't help but think of a situation I had when I was in tenth grade. My locker happened to be right by where all the blacks of the school had their lockers. Just for a little insight into my high school years, my hair was never the same color and I wore 'different' clothing. So one night I get this great idea for a new hair style. I went to my hair stylist (my oldest sister) and told her what I wanted - fifty braids! At school the next morning I walk to my locker and a black girl comes up and says, "Oh no, you didn't! You are trying to be like Da Brat!" Da Brat is a rapper in case you didn't know. My response to what she said was something like this, "No, MY hair is real, so in no way am I trying to be like Da Brat."Maybe this was a harsh way to handle this ...view middle of the document...

We have equal opportunity and harassment videos, and everything will be okay as long as no one is treated unequally. Well I say that's all hogwash. There is no such thing as equal opportunity. They only have to tell you that they found someone more qualified for the job, and then you are off their back.As America moves toward the future, there is no way we will make it if we keep up this ludicrous act! Life isn't a game. I believe in God, and if that offends anyone, I really don't care. I wouldn't care if you were worshiping a bowl of soup. Hey, if that's your thing then more power to you, so why is it such a big deal to say I believe in God? Some of you may say, "It isn't a big deal". Well then, why is it illegal to pray in schools? Why is it wrong to pray on your knees while you are at work? I'll tell you why, because America is so worried about squishing a few toes. Prayer makes someone else uncomfortable, so therefore it infringes on their rights.I think America is headed towards a brutal ending. The Bible talks of a city of Babylon, where prostitutes and villains make the laws and the name of God is looked down upon. Even if you didn't believe in the Bible, you would still have to agree with the fact that the contents of that last sentence describes what America has become. The end of the world for America is something each and every one of us should be dreading. America is looked upon by most of the world powers as an arrogant and self-satisfied nation, and you know what? I have to agree with them. We are very arrogant. How many of you on the way to school today, just stopped and thought about the freedom that America truly gives us. How many women even gave it a second thought when they walked outside of their homes with their face exposed? How many parents worried about their children getting caught in crossfire while playing in the yard? I believe I have made my point.

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