Racism, We All Need To Stand Up To It Rangiora High Speech

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Maisy - We should all stand up to racism.
Racism is a topic we hear a lot in today’s society. We often say that it’s society's
fault. The definition of racism in the dictionary is; prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Everyone deserves to be treated equally as the colour on our skin does not define the person we are. We are all equal and the only difference between us is the colour of our skin.
Race was invented in the 15th century to divide “Black and White” and it has worked perfectly. The ‘blacks’ were made out to seem like they were not as good as whites and didn’t have the same rights. They got treated terribly because the colour of their skin is different to the whites. Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a car on the train that was supposed to be for whites only. Even though Homer could’ve passed for white because of his skin colour, he still had African American in him, which meant that he was supposed to sit in the “coloured” area on the train. Homer took it to the courts and won and even though laws were made, racism still happens today.
In our society today, having dar...


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