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Facundo HolzmeisterTopic: RF Field EngineerIntroHow important is your cell phone? Can you live without it? It's a wonder how technology works these days and how fast it's evolving. Not even a decade ago, no one had a clue what a cellphone was, let alone owned one, but now it's almost rare to not even own a smartphone. We are getting to the point where it's absolutely necessary to own a cellular device. According to "Cell Phone Ownership Hits 91% of Adults." by Lee Rainie, over 90% of adults own a cellular device, and over 50% own a smartphone. These days, cell phones provide tons of functions such as internet access, emergency assistance, a high end camera, music and even mobile games ...view middle of the document...

Still I never really found the need to ask him what his responsibilities were, and what he did during his shift in full detail. Now, thanks to my senior topic (RF Field Engineer), I have found a reason to ask and find the answer to all of those curious questions and learn more about telecommunications and cellular networks, with the help of my mentor, Oscar Holzmeister.SearchingWhen I was first introduced to telecommunications, I didn't have a clue of what to expect. On the first day of my mentorship, my mentor introduced me into Radio Frequency as a Field Engineer and I was taught how an RF Field Engineer operates in this particular field and how they assist others beneficially. He told me that his job was to maintain and operate Radio Base Stations. According to my mentor, Oscar Holzmeister RF Field Engineer at T-Mobile, Radio Base Stations (RBS), receive communications from an individual who is placing a call and transmits that communication to the individual who is going to receive that call in a different location. After I had gained a basic understanding of what an RF Field Engineer does, I began to accompany my mentor to his various work stations and slowly but surely, I began troubleshooting RBSs with my mentor. A few weeks into mentorship, I had gained a lot of knowledge on Radio Based Stations, had acquired firsthand experiences in maintaining stations, and had the opportunity to help others receive and place calls in various areas. But even though I had a great mentor, I still needed various sources of research to gain more knowledge on my senior topic. In response, I began to look up research on a basic Google search and discovered that most of the articles that I found, were unreliable or outdated. Due to the small amount of reliable research that I found on Google, I was starting to run out of research and I had no idea where to look--until I went with my senior class up to the Cal Poly Library for assistance on using Cal Poly's database. Once I had full access to the database, I found tons of reliable research written recently by professors and engineers. One of the articles that really caught my attention was " Wireless Regional Access Networks: A Wise Choice for Internet: Connectivity to Rural Areas of Zimbabwe " by R. Mardeni & R.L. Chimheno, stating that Wireless Access Network or Cellular Coverage is rapidly becoming the focus for communication in rural areas such as Zimbabwe, and over the course of many years RBSs become outdated and begin to malfunction, not allowing people around the parameter of the RBS to receive any signal on their cellphones. Through this article, I narrowed my topic down to RBS malfunctions and issues. Even though the source was reliable, I asked my mentor what he thought were the malfunctions and issues of an RBS, and from his response, which would become my first answer, I had developed my Essential Question, "How can an RF Field Engineer best troubleshoot cellular coverage in a city?" This...


Solo GNU Radio Companion Assignment – Pirate AM/FM radio station - EE401 - Assignment

1208 words - 5 pages Solo GNU Radio Companion Assignment – Pirate AM/FM radio station Project In this project I am going to create radio station that will connect two computers through two kind of modulation AM and FM. AM modulation: Amplitude Modulated (AM) radio signals transport an audio signal (electrical material that can be transformed to sound). The audio information is encoded on the radio wave by changing the amplitude of a high frequency radio wave. The

Communications History Essay

1216 words - 5 pages the call to the base station in the nearest cell. All base stations every 50 kilometres to strengthen weak signals.The RadioThe AM broadcast radio is used to send voice and music messages at a medium frequency on the radio spectrum. AM radio uses "amplitude modulation" where louder sounds at the microphone makes wider sound waves in the transmitter power however the transmitter frequency remains unchanged. Transmissions are affected by static

An Introduction To Wireless Networks

1917 words - 8 pages standards and Issues.Wireless MediaWireless connections all use some form of Radio Frequency (RF) technology, using air as the transmission medium instead of a wire to transmit and receive data.There are 5 categories generally used for networks.Radio - this term is used to encompass frequencies between 3MHz- 1 GHz and covers radio broadcasting, mobile telephony at (1khz) and various data networking applications such as cordless phones to baby monitors

The Workings Of Tesla's Brainchild, The TESLA COIL

1815 words - 8 pages Free in the world. Cult followers believe Tesla was centuries ahead of today's technology, inventing antimatter, and antigravity. No matter whom you ask, they will tell you Tesla was eccentric and brilliant. In fact, his patents founded empires of industry and technology.Tesla coils are an air-core, resonant transformers. It is basically a high frequency RF oscillator. The Tesla coil formed the basis of all radio transmitters before to 1915. These

Long Physics Notes: Communications And Space: Not All Dot Points Covered In This Assignment

3320 words - 14 pages out by our atmosphereThe Earth's atmosphere absorbs most of the incoming EMR from space except for visible light and some high-frequency radio waves in the microwave region. The other types of radiation would generally be harmful to us. Too much UV radiation would cause cancer and dangerous mutations. Too much penetration by X-rays or gamma rays would quickly kill us.Higher frequency waves such as gamma, x-rays and some UV rays are blocked by the

I Wrote This For An Assignment On The History Of The Laser

378 words - 2 pages = xaser, UltraViolet laser = uvaser). None of the other terms became popular, although "raser" is sometimes used for radio-frequency emitting devices.Gould continued working on his idea and filed a patent application in April 1959. The U.S. Patent Office denied his application and gave the patent to Bell Labs in 1960. This sparked a legal battle that spanned three decades, with scientific prestige and much money at stake. Gould won his first

An Introduction To Barcoding

4782 words - 20 pages has many advantages over other data encoding methods and devices such as manual data entry, magnetic stripe, optical character recognition, radio frequency, and surface acoustical wave.Manual Data Entry Manual data entry is performed by an operator who enters numbers into a computer system by hand using a keyboard or keypad. This method requires more time and effort than having a person use a barcode scanner or having an unattended scanner

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3415 words - 14 pages students, 74% answered "yes" when asked "Do you have a television in your dorm room?". 10) Use critical thinking to determine whether the sampling method appears to be sound or is flawed. 11) A researcher published this survey result: "74% of people would be willing to spend 10 percent more for energy from a non-polluting source". The survey question was announced on a national radio show and 1,200 listeners responded by calling in. What is

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650 words - 3 pages Parents will argue that other people are the reason their children are violent and usually take absolutely none of the blame, when in reality they should be taking a lot of the blame for violence among children. I believe media as a whole, including television, radio, movies, video games, news, et cetera, can be very detrimental to society and leads to a lot of violence among children with which we are dealing. I was always taught that what goes

Integrated Communication Marketing Final notes - Western Sydney - Notes

1091 words - 5 pages *communication*–*represents*all*the*elements*of*the*marketing*mix*that:* -! Targeting*the*brand*to*a*group*of*customers* -! Positioning*the*brand*as*being*distinct*from*competitive*brand* -! Sharing*the*brand’s*meaning*and*unique*differences*with*the*product’s*target* audience* The*marketing*communications*mix* •! Advertising*–*Mass*communication*e.g.*TV,*radio,*newspaper*or*direct*communications.** •! Direct*marketing*–*use*several*types*of*media*to

How the Bruh Moment changed History - English - Essay

1542 words - 7 pages Either a carrier wave OR a form of modulation is depicted 1 Radio waves have a much higher frequency than human hearing so cannot be converted directly into sound for the communication of voice or music. By superposing the actual communication signal onto the carrier wave, the message etc can be decoded back into sound that humans can hear by the radio receiver, thus enabking long distance transmission and reception of communication. 19 Marking

Humor In Cross-Cultural Advertising

5574 words - 23 pages frequency of television ads using incongruity-resolution humor appeals will be significantly greater than the use of other humor appeals.Hypothesis 3: The relative frequency of use of incongruity-resolution contrasts will be invariant across cultural contextsIn order to examine specific usage of humor in advertising both across and within cultures, it is necessary to clarify the link between humor and culture. Alford and Alford (1981) worked with

Impact Of Information And Computer Technology On Production Planning And Control Systems

1283 words - 6 pages planning (MRPII) the follow up to MRP is concerned with the entire manufacturing process and seeks to optimize it. Although MRP has been around for a number of years, technology has made the application of MRP and MRPII much more effective in controlling the amount of inventory that has to be purchased and the manufacturing process. A technological innovation that has aided MRP is Radio frequency identification (RFID) which is a wireless technology that

Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 4

949 words - 4 pages Earth Moving Co. Currently; Parker Earth Moving Co IT department is out-of-date. New technologies like (RFID) radio frequency identification technology can be integrated to help the company in the assets tracking and distribution management processes. This technology can be used to integrate the use of different hardware and software to help out the inventory and production process. The use of RFID scanners and readers, can track the inventory

Science report on the Bionic Eye - Science - Research Paper

727 words - 3 pages retinal ganglion cells, a healthy optic nerve and cortex and also, they must have been able to see in the past so that the vision processing part of the brain has been developed. The bionic eye has a camera that is attached to a pair of glasses that transmits high- frequency radio signals to a microchip implanted in the eye. Electrodes on the implanted chip convert the signals into electrical impulses that stimulate cells in the retina which are