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Raging Bully: The Career Of Martin Scorsese

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Cowan Jenkins Period 5
Raging Bully: Scorsese and Violence
The most renowned filmmaker of his era, Martin Scorsese virtually defined the state of modern American cinema during the nineteen seventies and eighties. A consummate storyteller and visual stylist who lived and breathed movies, he won fame translating his passion and energy into a brand of filmmaking that crackled with kinetic excitement. Working well outside of the mainstream, Scorsese nevertheless emerged in the seventies as a towering figure throughout the industry, achieving the kind of fame and universal recognition typically reserved for more commercially successful talents. A tireless supporter of film ...view middle of the document...

He wants to show the emotions and complicated scenarios in which violence arises.
Scorsese's career breaks down into three successive phases. Scorsese lept on to the Hollywood scene in 1973 with the film mean streets, a gritty crime drama. It was hailed with critical appeal, but little commercial success. Unfortunately, this period is also associated with his addiction to cocaine in the late 70's. "I was always angry, throwing glasses, provoking people, really unpleasant to be around,"​ he recalls. "I always found, no matter what anybody said, something to take offense at." (Sotinel, 70) His films during the time reflected that, with the violent Taxi Driver (1976) and Raging Bull (1980) earning him more critical acclaim despite protest from moviegoers about the violent nature of the films.
Scorsese then transitioned into a middle period of his career. Scorsese's next project was his

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fifth collaboration with Robert De Niro, The King of Comedy (1983). A satire on the world of media and celebrity, it was an obvious departure from the more emotionally committed films he had become associated with. (Rotten Tomatoes) Scorsese during this period was considerably less focused on reckless violence films. He made comedies (The King of Comedy in 1983), religiously themed films (The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ in 1989) and even a 19th century period romance (The Age of Innocence in 1993.)
The 2000's have been a strange mix of film genres for Scorsese. He has returned to his
filmmaking roots with the 2006 crime drama The Departed, but he has also done a children's movie (Hugo), a horror movie (Shutter Island) and a Beatles Documentary.
Scorsese has made many different advances in filmmaking during his career. He has pioneered many different camera angles and shots that have influenced directors such as Quentin Tarantino. Scorsese has also worked with his trusted Production designer Kirsti Zea on many of his films to create a unique visual feel, which I will talk about in my discussion of the two films later on.
Hailed as one of the most significant and influential filmmakers in cinema history, Scorsese has directed landmark films such as Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980), and Goodfellas (1990) - all of which he collaborated on with actor and close friend Robert De Niro. He won the Academy Award for Best Director for The Departed (2006). With eight Best Director Oscar nominations to date, he is tied with Billy Wilder for most.
There is no doubt that Scorsese is well loved by critics. AMC ranks him as the 5th best director of all­time. Famed critic Roger Ebert considered him a good friend. However, it was not always this way. When he first started directing, many critics were offput by the incredible violence of his films. Taxi Driver, in particular, raised a lot of concern over its whole hearted use of violence.
Scorsese based his movies off the following sources: The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian...

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