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Ransom Of Red Chief Essay

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Ransom Of Red Chief Compare and contrast IN English class we read the book Ransom of Red Chief, and after watched the movie of it and after w had to go see what was different and the same of the movie and the book.We had to find out what the similarities were and the differences so I will ...view middle of the document...

Some of the differences were in the book he never scalped or cut bills Hair but on the movie he did . In the book they camped in a cave and in the book they canped in the woods. In the book they only had to pay two - hundred dollars and in the movie they paid five hundred dollars.The story was about a little boy who wanted to be an Indian and two men took him and were very nice. Little Red Chief was the little boys name he liked to pick on the man named bill.After a while they took him home in exchange of five - hundred dollars and ended up paying the Little boys dad.I enjoyed this book and liked the movie and the book both.they both were a lot alike and I didn't realy notice the difference untll I looked harder.By:tom schell

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