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Reaching Out To Americas Future Essay

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Reaching Out to America's Future Picture America fifty years from now. What differences do you see? I see some big changes and a few smaller changes. The major changes will be in security and there will be a few in laws and government. Huge changes will be made in technology as well.Despite these changes America's future will be similar to America today, because of how powerful our government is now. Although right now it is hard to say how powerful our government is with terrorism happening. It has been going on for over a month and it hasn't been stopped yet, and we don't even know who ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes it is hard to stop everything for happening. Stronger security is needed all over.The advancement in technology has increased rapidly over the years. It is a large part of our history, such as cars, machines and computers. Computers are becoming more advanced each day and one day, may become so advanced they could take over our jobs. Which forces people to search for new jobs. Most of the new jobs will be dealing with computers.Computers will put many people out of jobs. Teachers for one may be out of a job because each child will have their own computer that is able to teach them more on their skills and abilities. That way they have more knowledge and are more successful in their career. With kids learning on their computers it may be and end to public schools. Why go to a public school, when you can learn at home on your own computer. This also may save money for kids that don't go to a college and continue their education on a computer.Motivating kids about their future career is important. They need to know they are America's future, and they can make a difference. We could help this by putting more responsibility on them and putting them in career positions earlier. School's should be more hands on and help focus on career on the high school level. This would help kids think more about what they want to do for the rest of their lives. America's future is counting on them.

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