Reaction Paper On The Article: Leadership And The Common Good By Randy David : Public Lives, Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday, Jan. 9, 2005

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" A style of leadership breeds its own followers"... A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to head a certain group of young people in our community. Be being a leader I was able to experience a lot of challenges: difficult situations to face, difficult people to handle and difficult decisions to make. But all these things were able to pull out the best in me, I could not have passed all these tests without the support, love and cooperation of my members... they are my strength, my inspiration. How I would like to imagine that ...view middle of the document...

Plagued by amnesia, our resounding voices were easily silenced and our flaming spirit gone cold. We were unable to sustain the energy that we had... thinking that change will be that simple... that easy... that sudden. Indeed the Arroyo government survives not because of active support of the Filipino people, but because the alternative was unthinkable. For a while let us put aside our negative comments, we may not exactly know if the administration is religiously doing its job, but we can always assess ourselves on our own performance as followers.Most of us rely so much on our leaders, expecting them to do miracles. But we should realize that like our leaders, we are also given our own duties and responsibility. More than our idealism and daydreaming, our leaders need our support, cooperation and feedback, or all their efforts will be futile. In essence, I think that each of us needs to be a leader in our own right, to do our part of the job for us to move towards the achievement of our goals. We have always been reminded that we must carefully choose our leaders, sudden dissatisfaction are proven to be costly for the organization as a whole.Bibliography:Editorial article: Leadership and the common good by Randy David : Public Lives, Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday, Jan. 9, 2005


Hamlet and the impact on our daily lives - high school English - Research

977 words - 4 pages forms of revenge in search for the sweet ending they think they will obtain but instead cause nothing but more pain and hurt. Revenge is not the only theme that is present in our everyday lives, however. Deception also plays a large part of Hamlet because every character is affected by deception in some way which also resembles modern society. The play highlights the serious consequences that deception can have on relationships and other people. For

Report and Analysis of The Feast of Acheloüs by Rubens and Jan Breughel the Elder - AP Art History - Research Paper

1637 words - 7 pages Cami 6 QUARTER III MUSEUM REPORT The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC March 9th, 2017 Eva Cami Mrs. DeGennaro AP Art History 8464-3 The Feast of Acheloüs by Rubens and Jan Breughel the Elder, 42½ x 64½ in, oil on wood, ca. 1615 Eva Cami AP Art History 8464-3 Mrs. DeGennaro 12 March 2018 Quarter III Museum Report Rubens is one of the most notable artists from the Baroque period, specifically known for being a master in Flemish Baroque paintings

dignity of the human person and photography - Common good - essay

564 words - 3 pages The Dignity of the Human Person by the Means of Photography The Common Good, also known as, “the benefit or interests of all.” Regardless to whatever opinion you may have towards Photography, it can be home to some highly robust arguments. Although for some, the Common Good can be rewarded from the selflessness of particular practices for example, advertising charity, yet it doesn’t cover all walls against social, mental, physical and all other

David Helwig's, "Haunted By Lives Unlived"

725 words - 3 pages David Helwig's, Haunted by lives unlived, utilizies many of the strategies used in assignment writing. Helwig mainly concentrates on anecdotes and how they relate to audience appeal, but he still includes the other strategies for assignment writing.Anecdote's are frequently being used in Helwig's essay. Primarly, he explains his teaching career and his presentation of Robert Frost's poem, The Road Not Taken: "I sometimes presented this poem to

Public Good in the United States - Virginia Commonwealth University, Political Economics - Argumentative Paper

1611 words - 7 pages as energy production increases, so does greenhouse gas emissions. These gas emission further increase climate change. It is a vicious cycle that is driving this Earth downward. Poverty traps are a very common theme when it comes to the causes of global poverty. An article that speaks on that point is ​Success, Survive, or Escape? Aspirations and Poverty Traps ​by David Chivers. The traps are basically massive positive feedback loops. When a

Reaction to the persuaders documetry - advertising 101 - reaction paper

857 words - 4 pages entire storyline was built around Absolut Vodka on the television show Sex and the City. This reminded me of when the television show The Office spent a whole episode of talking about the Apple product an iPod in 2005. The story in the episodes was everyone was fighting over the iPod because it was just so cool everyone wanted it. What caught me by surprise though was that this wasn't a paid advertisement. A whole thirty-minute episode was

Why The North Won The Civil War By David Donald: Reflection On The Economic, Military, Diplomatic, Political, And Social Reasons The South Lost

1391 words - 6 pages botheration and disagreement with their opposition. The purpose of this essay is to summarize each of the five arguments presented by Richard N. Current, T. Harry Williams, Norman A. Graebner, David Herbert Donald, and David M. Potter. Each author gives his insight on one of the following five reasons: economic, military, diplomatic, social, and political, respectively.The essay entitled "The Military Leadership of the North and South" by Harry Willams

Operating System Common On The Internet

1401 words - 6 pages named Linus Travolds. With the help of many programmers, often called hackers? Linux has surprised many people by being a stable, high quality system that has little central control.The kernel is the heart of an operating system, and when most people refer to Linux, they are talking about the kernel and not the whole system. On a Linux system, the user is more in touch with the kernel, mainly because he/she can do whatever they want to it legally

The Study Of History Has Value Only To The Extent That It Is Relevant To Our Daily Lives

1146 words - 5 pages scale close to human being and cars sometimes should be driven out of their communities. No one preferred the International Cities.Nowadays, if someone wants to plan a city like Le Corbusier's idea, governments would say it has been proved wrong before! Actually, by study of Le Corbusier's idea, we know what we could do and what we could not do in our daily lives' design. Indeed, the study of history has value of drawing us out of the

The Effect of Video Game Playing on Reaction Time - Biology 1 - Research Paper

1635 words - 7 pages will have the same reaction times. Materials and Methods Using the directions in Lab 32 of Helms et al. (1998), we used the BioBytes software on an Apple Macintosh computer and used the "X at a Known Location" test to test a total of four subjects (two were considered avid video gamers (by confirming that they had played about seven hours of video games per week) and non-video gamers). Each subject should record ten reaction times for each trial

The Ash Garden, By Dennis Bock Is A Moving Portrait Of Two Lives, Damaged And Changed By The War, It Is A Haunting Mediation On The Uses Of Memory And Its Power To Both Condemn And Redeem

1943 words - 8 pages emotional unstableness due to the death of her family caused by the bomb. Anton Böll, a scientist who was with the United States military during World War II everyday has to battle the memories, horrors and terrifying scenes that he had seen in Hiroshima with his research after the bomb dropped. The Ash Garden, by Dennis Bock is a moving portrait of two lives, damaged and changed by the war, it is a haunting mediation on the uses of memory and its

Article Review of “The Future of Microprocessors” by Olukotun and Hammond - University of Louisiana / CSCI 3020 - Article Review

979 words - 4 pages Sandeep Shrestha Dr. Wiedemeier CSCI 4012 10/24/2018 Article Review of “The Future of Microprocessors” by Olukotun and Hammond “The Future of Microprocessors” provides insight on the development of powerful and superfast microprocessors and explains the various techniques utilized to enhance their speed. It highlights the current challenges faced by microprocessors and their future scope. The article begins with an insight on the factors that

Jesus on Leadership/Jesus' Leadership on this earth - Northeast Christian College - Theology Class - Paper from the book

2114 words - 9 pages --servant leadership. "How is one both a servant and a leader at the same time?" He answers that a servant leader is someone who serves the missions and leads by serving those on a mission with him. Following Jesus on Leadership, Gene Wilkes then explains how leaders develop teams who together can fulfill much more than an individual can. Throughout the book guide to other resources that can furnish leaders further. This book teaches us to be

"When Corporations Rule The World" By David Korten

2282 words - 10 pages Free encroach on another 6 billion hectares of once productive land, the area covered by tropical forests is reduced by 11 million hectares, there is a net loss of 26 billion tons of soil from oxidation and erosion, and 1.5 billion hectares of prime agricultural land are abandoned due to salinization form irrigation projects' (28).Two of the most important aspects of good health are in the abundance of clean water and proper sanitation. 'Countries with

Ethical leadership, understanding the principles of leading when lives are at stake - CU Boulder, MILR4072 - essay

688 words - 3 pages David Gorman MILR 4072 LTC Jason Lojka 16NOV18 Ethical Leadership Ethical leadership is the concept in which army leaders must apply themselves within the bounds of the ethical and moral guidelines given to us. These guidelines have been developed throughout the history of our army, as conflicts have changed our army has evolved alongside them and will most likely continue to change well into the future. From our reading, THE ARMY OFFICERS