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A successful team leader - Rob Hall
April 17th, 2019
Sampson Gao
J.Addison School
Sampson Gao
April 16th
A successful team leader - Rob Hall
“Every once in a while a work of nonfiction comes along that’s as good as anything a novelist could make up... Into Thin Air fits the bill.” - Forbes. The reason for the success of Into Thin Air is that by reading this book, readers are transported back to the disaster of May 1996 as if they had experienced it themselves. Twelve climbers of four teams from all over the world lost their lives after a sudden snowstorm at the top of the world in that disaster. Some of the victims were experienced guides, experienced climbers who had made it to the summit several times, but for some reasons, they still died on the top of the world's highest mountain.
After learning several leadership styles and watching the movie Remember the Titans, it is clear that the performance of guide Rob Hall, as one of the most experienced leaders of all climbing teams, is a good team leadership style leader, as he put the safety of the team members in the first place, because people only have one life. He was also the guide who led the team to reach the top of the mountain and brought them down the mountain the most times and his experience is crucial for saving the lives of team members when they face emergencies.
Among the climbers, Rob Hall, the founder of adventure consultants and the guide of the expedition, was a special character. As a climber who started climbing at an early age and has rich experiences for climbing mountains, he conquered in 1990 the highest peak of the seven continents, but as a result of mountaineering cost is too high, they require a lot of financial support, so he decided to change his direction and try to become the mountain guide, who devoted to helping customers to climb and go down from mountains and collect fee from them, in order to support his mountaineering activities and make profits. So he set up an adventure consulting company, and he achieved amazing results in several years, from the beginning he led his clients to the top of mountain Everest for the first time in May 1992, 39 clients in total reached the mountain top by the end of 1995, which is the highest number of any climbing companies. As a result, he described his company as "the world leader in Everest climbing, with more ascents mountaineering experience than any other organization". This is worthy of the name, although his fees are much higher than other companies, if people have enough money as a premise, adventure consulting company is undoubtedly the best choice for them. Hall's outstanding team leadership style is worth their money.
Hall's success was not an accident. His careful and well-planned character was indispensable to his business and climbing. According to the definition, a leader who has team leadership style should monitor the whole team and then take whate...


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