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Environment is defined all surrounds us. Our environment complex that it consists of the climate, geography and natural resources. Humans are basically depended on environment. Environment is supplying everything what people need. So environment is the main important thing that people’s lives. Environment creation has shown variety of places and create some structures. It helps to live healthy lives anyway if someone destroy balance of the environment indirect or direct it becomes a reason in damage people’s healthy lives. So clean and protect our environment for bearing human lives healthy and it helps man to their work themselves.
People have unlimited wants and they try to fulfill their wants. However they thing about their self-interest. They don’t think about the things they do for environment badly. Our ancestors have done only little bit of bad thing to the environment. But now always people do more harm to our natural surroundings. One example is water pollution. It’s a reason for big floods in future. Because of floods we have to face for a big problem in dengue fever. The main reason for increasing the dengue fever is not clean the surrounding and disregarded of people. Another example is air pollution. Gasses of factories, bad smoke...

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1005 words - 5 pages big dawg again because I was on top, nothing could stop me then bwomp I am in the 9th grade, I suck and I have to do the prison rules again but I will get to that after the bell ring in about 5 minutes. All right, back to the prison rules. I have to find the biggest guy in the school and beat him up so I can be on top again. About a few days later after school started I found the guy, a 7’5 570 pounds of pure muscle was the biggest guy around

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