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QFT Questions
1. What do effective objectives look like in the classroom?
a. Objectives need to have student centered focus, descriptive wording with active voice
and thinking centered.
2. Why must your choice of objective for the lesson be clear?
a. Teachers will be able to know what the students gain from the activity
3. When using objectives in the classroom teachers need to remember what?
a. Teachers must create/design assessments for each objective being used.
4. How is a teacher able to know if the objective is clear and precise?
a. They will need to ask themselves if as a teacher I can visual the students completing the
objective tasks.
5. In what order should you plan your lesson?
a. A teacher should always plan the objectives first then find the eye-catching activities to
go along with the objectives.
6. What conditions does a teacher need to keep in mind to have good learning experiences for the
a. Student's needs, source of information, cost of activity in time and effort
7. How does Bloom’s taxonomy helpful when designing instruction?
a. This framework provides information about thinking and learning that we can apply to
the creation of learning goals.
8. What are objectives?
a. They are learning statements that state what the students will know and be able to do
after the lesson.
9. When writing objectives student-centered what are the do things it stresses?
a. They will be able to do two things one being internal and the other being external.
10. Give an example of an active voice objective.
a. Students will collaborate and describe the results of a math word problem
11. Why do teachers need to “imagine”
a. It is an important skill that allows teachers to be in the student's shoes. We need to be
able to imagine what the students will imagine during the lessons.
12. What are the most appearing verbs in creating lesson objectives?
a. Explain and describe
Top eight Questions with revisions
1. What do effective objective need to have and give an example?
a. An effective objective need to have an active voice, thinking center and student center
driven. An example would be While learning about the local government, students will
identify the components of the local government and be able to describe in sentences
using local government facts and vocabulary.
2. When creating clear objectives what are the outcomes?
a. Students will have a clear understanding of the goal, and teachers will be able to have a
clear outline of what the students gain.
6. To have good learning experience for students a teacher must consider the following?
a. Student's needs, relatable source of information, the cost, along with the time and
5. Why should teachers plan lesson objectives before the activities?
a. If a teacher plans the activity before creating outcomes content can be lost and the
objectives can change.
7. When designing a lesson how can Bloom’s taxonomy be helpful?
a. Bloom’s framework provides information about thinking and learning that we can apply to
the creation of learning goals.
9. What are the two things do students have to know and describe them.
a. Internal: the ability to know(intellectual), External: the act of doing, observing
11. What is an important skill teacher need to have?
a. Imagination
12. What are the two verbs used most in creating learning objectives and give an example.
a. The two verbs are explain and describe. An example would be the students will explain the
levels of government and be able to describe each level with appropriate vocabulary.
Top three questions
1. What do effective objective need to have and give an example.
2. When designing a lesson how can Bloom’s taxonomy be helpful?
3. Why should teachers plan objectives before choosing activities?
I feel as though these three questions sum up the importance of the two chapters. The questions allow
for a deeper understanding of the chapters and for the learners to give examples of what they learned
through the reading. Especially the first question, the second question highlights how other resources are
there to help teachers in creating learning objectives. The chapters in this book highlight the importance
of planning, and how effective the outcomes are in your students learning. Objectives should be
thoughtful and have a purpose that guides students to their learning.

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