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Realistic Tv Shows Essay

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The "Real" World Why do people enjoy watching voyeuristic television shows? The number of viewer for The Real World has nearly tripled in the past three years. There are many other shows gaining popularity as well. Big Brother and Survivor are ideal examples of the two other television programs that have captured millions of viewers hearts. There is a shift to a "reality view" that stands very popular with people ages 8-24. This age group enjoys seeing things how they appear with no glitz or glamour. By depicting things as they are naturally, it creates a scenario in which everyday people can relate to a character on TV. Companies are finding a new savvy way to advertise through the ...view middle of the document...

Relating to characters on TV is something people naturally want to whether it's on a movie, soap opera, or sitcom. Technology has made it possible to allow viewers to become party of the show indirectly.What is reality? Reality is something without a gilded image. Before about 10 years ago, people who watched television only wanted to see positive oriented things. Things such as products that only made you "cool" were acceptable. Using bad words was unheard of on television. Before the 1990's television shows were highly edited to portray the exact image desired for a person or product. People today want to see everything unedited. The follies of imperfect shows are gaining popularity. When people view these follies it becomes evident that actors are not told what to say on The Real World. The unpredictability of characters is then created and it proceeds to hook the regular viewers to the show. The question, "What will happen next?" is now stuck in the back of the television audiences' minds. Even though reality is growing in popularity, the products placed around the characters in the movie are carefully thought out. Choosing what products appear on these show will affect the viewing...

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