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11 February 2019
Reasons Why You Should Go Natural:
As African American queens, we have all had a specific thought run across our minds; “should I go natural?”. Some of us have accomplished, attempted, or kept it as a thought. If you feel like you fit in the “attempted” or “kept it as a thought” category, this essay is specifically for you! As far as my accomplished sisters, do not worry, if you need some reassurance this is for you too!
Being Natural comes with self-acceptance. First things first, accepting your natural hair is not easy as it may sound for everyone. However, I can almost promise you that it is a beautiful experience. Accepting and going through the transitioning stage can be a pain, but it is super interesting to see what your hair transforms into! You would think your hair is consistently playing the “she loves me, she loves me not” game, as much as you may switch from loving your hair one day and hating it the next! However, with time you learn to feel liberated, free from trying to impress, and fit in with society.
Natural hair confidence is not the absence of fearing that others will reject your natural hair, but rather it’s pride in understanding that your roots are more important than the fear of rejection! -Tammy Hinkle-Davis
Versality Is also an important part of being natural. What is more fun than having more options perhaps nothing! Being natural allows you to have so many style options. I have nothing against relaxers. However, you don’t get to experience anything other than straight hair. When you’re natural you can rick the bush, afro puffs, twists, and don’t get me started on the protective styles! There are endless to choose from! With that being said, versatility allows you to stay interested in your hair.
The healthier the hair, the better! It is always better to take the healthier route. Going natural is the healthiest option to choose for your hair. Harsh chemicals can damage the hair now or later, sometimes both! Healthy hair will only allow your strands to flourish like a pretty flower. No more damage from hair glue or heat. You are in a natural state.
Figure 1. Shows the” Natural Hair Pyramid” and all it takes to make your hair healthy and stay healthy. (
In the past 5 years, straight hair was the only hair accepted in society. Straight hair was known to be hairstyle and texture to give you beauty and poise. Kinky and coily hair was known as unprofessional and inappropriate. However, you don’t have to worry about your hair getting ruined in the rain because you w...


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