Reason Why The United State Get Involved In Korea And Vietnam War U.History 2 Essay

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Reason why the United State get involved in Korea and Vietnam War
The Vietnam and Korean was a longest war fought in America history lasting from
1950 to 1975. The war are very similar that both conflict involved a Communist and Capitalist
participant. The U.S got involved in both war in an attempt to fight Communism, the idea that if
one country fell into Communism the entire asia pacific would fall and it will affect U.S relation
with the region, and their provision of economic and military aid to South Korea and Vietnam.
There were however, other reason for the U.S involvement such as their military confidence.
The Korean war was a war between South (Non Communist) and North (Communist)
Korea. It started when the leader of North Korea, Kim II Sung, invaded South Korea to unite
North and South into a fully Communist Korea. U.S involved in the war because they saw
Communism as a threat to the Democracy and Capitalist (Non Communist) country. So we set
out a new foreign policy that was called containment in the Truman doctrine, which meant that if
a Capitalist country like South Korea was being attacked it was U.S responsibilities to give
military and economic aid to them. The United State military confidence is another reason for
their involvement in the Korean war , “UN agreement,domestic pressure called for the Truman
administration to be more tough on communism which led to the to the United State government
decision to use military intervention in the Korean war” ( Greenspan). U.S. also try to undermine
Communism, president Truman believed that Capitalism, freedom and the American way of life
were in danger of being overrun by Communism. The Truman Doctrine had been one of
containment stopping the Communists gaining any more territory. “In April 1950 the American
National Security Council issued a report recommending that America abandon containment and
start rolling back Communism” (Clare). This led Truman to consider driving the Communists out
of North Korea.
The Vietnam war was fought between Communist North Vietnam and the government of
Southern Vietnam. The North was supported by Communist countries such as ,the people
republic of China, South Korea and the Soviet union. The South was supported by anti
Communist countries, primarily the united state. The united state entered the Vietnam war not
only because of their fear of Communism but also because they thought they could benefit from
the war. After split of Vietnam in two (South and North Vietnam), a group called the Vietcong
began a war against the governing authority in South...

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