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Using your understanding of the historical context, assess how convincing the arguments in these three extracts in relation on the reasons for the outbreak of the Pilgrimage of Grace
Extract A is convincing to a certain extent in relation to arguing the reasons for the outbreak of the Pilgrimage of Grace. Its main argument is that the rebellion “at heart, the work of a political faction which utilised social, economic and religious grievances”. So, the extract argues the political aspect of the situation led to the cohesion of all the other factors, so the political aspect was the underlying reason for the Pilgrimage of Grace. This is contextually accurate to an extent, as in the Lincolnshire Pontefract in December 1536, it referred to legitimising Mary I and restoring the See of Rome authority (papal authority). Clearly showing there are some religious connotations in the some of the demands, but the underlying fact of these demands are about political issues and the national affairs. So, extract A is convincing to a certain extent as it is contextually accurate to deem political reasons were associated with the pilgrimage of grace.
Furthermore there is contextual evidence to support the Elton’s thoughts (historian of extract A) to say there was a “faction” as those who lead the Pilgrimage were not Northerners but in fact based London, named Darcy and Hussey and were in fact members of the court circle (Mary’s group) and to elaborate further on the political factional proposal from extract A it was clear from the concerns of certain religious policies that would point to simply a political faction. For example, many of the gentry class were concerned with the councillors’ religious policies such as Cranmer, Rich and Cromwell religious policies on divorce. This obviously points to a political faction as clearly these are councillors of the King which no commoner would no but the upper class i.e. the gentry class would only know about. So, this contextual knowledge supports the extract’s A argument that the reason for the outbreak of the pilgrimage of grace was due to a political faction igniting it and not the mass of the northerners.
Additionally, there is contextual evidence to support the fact that the political faction (aragonese the gentry class) were in fact utilising the socio-economic and religious grievances in order to threaten and attack the King. For instance, parish registers were added to the churches and it made the commoners fearful that there would be tax collectors and new taxation laws, this was especially manipulated by the gentry class as they could refer to 1525 of Henry’s amicable grant as that point henry disturbed the locality of taxation as he did not go through parliament to take tax from the gentry and nobility. So clearly the gentry political faction would be able to manipulate the commoners and insinuate the new taxation laws for marriages and burials within the church the commoners would have to pay for, so...

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