Reasons People Don't Want To Go To School

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Many people do not want to go to school these days. Reasons can be from waking in the morning to eating the food in the cafeteria. Its not that people do not like school and wish it would not be mandatory, it's really the things we need to do in school.Waking up around 7:00 AM every weekday is very hard. It usually means that everyone would be sleeping in his first period class, or he will be half-asleep the rest of the day. If you wake up that ear ...view middle of the document...

When your lazy you won't be doing any work, which lowers your grade. The second reason why people don't want to go to school is all the work. When I wake up at 7:00 AM and remember about that big English test I have, it causes me stress. Stress can lead to another series of disturbing behavior.Then there is after school, the worst part. I open your assignment book and read the long list of assignments due the next day, another stressful situation. But that's not it, when you get home is where is really stinks.At home you still need to do the homework, study, and read! That takes about 2 hours. My parents are the bad part, they are the ones that will tell you what to do. The worst part about the parents are grades, and report cards. If I get a bad grade, I'm in trouble. But it does not end there. Detentions are not as bad as grades but they can get you into some big trouble.So if you think about it for awhile, school really last eight hours a day. School even continues on vacation when you are writing an essay. The main idea really is that school takes away eight hours a day from us, that is 45 hours a week, which is 279 hours a month, and 3,285 hours a year!


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981 words - 4 pages Free English 111Why People Really Go to CollegeChristopher Caldwell, author of the New York Times article "What a College Education Buys," believes many people attend college for the wrong reasons. He says college is overrated and that many go just to socialize or to find a partner (214). He also states if you are going to college to obtain a liberal arts degree and not Phd, education may not be worth all the studying or the money many parents pay

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513 words - 3 pages company decides to promote?After much discussion with my own supervisor, I went and sought consultation from our departmental director. At twenty-nine, he is the youngest person to become a director at our company. I inquired about what he thought the key points to his success were and what he thought I could do to model my career after his. His advice was simple and to the point; go back to school to pursue a Masters degree and keep working hard

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663 words - 3 pages Through presentation of concepts and ideology that challenge the public’s perception of the world, a composer manipulates an audience’s identity by influencing their values and beliefs. This is reflected in the documentary, ‘Go back to where you came from’ (Go back) 2013, which focuses on the refugee crisis in Australia and illustrates personalities, places and events as core themes that alter the audience’s opinions. The viewpoint of refugees

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1603 words - 7 pages go down and this caused Hyperinflation. To meet this Chancellor Streeseman, when he came into power, cancelled the policy of passive resistance and introduced a new currency. This giving into the French infuriated right-wing politicians including the Bavarians and the Nazi's. Without this treaty, there would not have been enough anger present throughout the German people in order to support his viewpoints. The great depression- The German economy

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653 words - 3 pages Why I Want To Be A Teacher? Sabrina Johnson This essay prompts me to answer the question: Why do I want to become a teacher? I honestly had not thought of the why until now. I just kind of knew I wanted to help younger children in some form of way. When I entered CVCC my freshman year, my major was to go into nursing, and eventually a pediatric nurse. This thought was driven not only by the want to help children, but I was also influenced by

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1549 words - 7 pages that allowing them to stay in this country which has become their only home is the humane thing to do. The lives of millions of people depend on the actions taken by our leaders, the decisions that will be made by our government will also say a lot about the type of nation we want to be. So far, the Senate has received many proposals and bills which could potentially help resolve the status of Dreamers and perhaps allow them to stay in the only

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804 words - 4 pages soldiers with their guns drawn. Also in the middle, what really catches your eye is the prisoner in the white shirt with yellow pants with his hands up and the guy behind him with his hands over his face. You are not able to see the faces of the soldiers but the faces of the prisoners are very visible. The prisoners are very scared and do not want to be shot. In the fore ground of the painting, all my eyes are drawn to, is the soldiers that got shot


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546 words - 3 pages Change comes about because of many reasons, some firms want to change because they want to increase profit and efficiency. In firms many of the employees are very resistant to change because:- Fearful of being made redundant- Fear of not being able to cope with the new environment eg. Employees are scared that if their firm implements a computer system then they won't understand how t use it.- They are also very content with the environment they

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928 words - 4 pages Free their actions by helping them, even though she knows that they have only known each other for only one night. Even on their first meeting at Capulet's masque, she agrees to find out who this mysterious young man is for Juliet, who dramatically states 'Go ask his name. If he be married, My grave is like to be my wedding bed'. On Romeo and Juliet's wedding night, she allows Romeo to stay the night, endangering both the lover's safety as if Romeo was