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NameSeptember 8, 2014Reconstruction EssayReconstruction made a great change to the United States of America that transformed theway we live now. There were many problems that complicated the process of Reconstruction.When the Civil War was over, the North had different views on how to handle the South, andthat angered the South because they didn't want the North to tell them what to do. There were alot of pros and cons to Reconstruction that the U.S. government tried to fix, some succeeded, butsome failed.Thanks to Reconstruction, it made the U.S. a better place to live for all races. It reunitedthe states together into one and t ...view middle of the document...

There were things like the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow Laws,the death of Abraham Lincoln, etc. The KKK was a group of white people that attacked AfricanAmericans because they were scared of the changes and they wanted the Afro-Americans to beslaves. Jim Crow Laws supported discrimination and racial segregation. Lincoln's assassinationtook away the country's leader and best hope to reunite the country.I think Reconstruction was a success even with the many failures that occurred. The maingoal of Reconstruction was to bring the rebel states back into the Union, and to help thefreedmen become a part of society. Although there was a lot of abuse, and Reconstruction didn'tgo as smoothly as it was intended to be, these two goals were achieved as much as was possible.The inability of Congress, the President, and the individual states to agree on a plan, hurt itbadly, but when you look at the differences between 1860 and 1875, you must consider it asuccess to some degree.Reconstruction lasted 12 years, from 1865 to 1877. A lot of things happened throughthese past 12 years, both good and bad. For example, the African Americans got their freedomand after president Lincoln got assassinated. Even though there were tragic failures inReconstruction, there were also success. Reconstruction didn't go as smoothly as it was intendedto be, but these two goals were achieved as much as was possible and it made the U.S a betterplace to live.


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655 words - 3 pages Following the Civil War, we entered a period of rebuilding known as “The Reconstruction.” They say the states had fought so hard against each other and realized that they needed to reunite. This was not going to be an easy task. During this continuous process we are introduced to sharecropping, the “Black Codes,” and what we all knew to be our new lives as a result of the war. It is as much a growing process for us blacks as

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458 words - 2 pages After the Civil War, the United States was in a serious state of distress and needed a serious period of reconstruction. The government had to find a way to reintegrate the South back into the country. Doing this meant figuring out how to address southern power in government and merging the economies of the North and South. Finally, the country's biggest problem was integrating the newly freed African-Americans into society. African Americans

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579 words - 3 pages Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War classic, Gone With The Wind, gives us a vivid picture of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction. It follows the leading character, Scarlet O’Hara, who can be seen as a symbol of the South itself. Before the war, Scarlett lives a life of luxury which was typical of many southern belles of the time. She is very snooty, spoiled and led by the rules of the southern aristocracy. While Scarlett is very

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627 words - 3 pages CHAPTER 22: THE ORDEAL OF RECONSTRUCTION 1. What was the fate of the Confederate leaders after the Civil War? They were jailed at first but were released in 1868 by president Johnson after Lincoln’s assassination 2. What was the state of the postwar economy in the South? The economy in the south was destroyed. They no longer had slaves to run their large plantations which was a large source of income. They also had to rebuild cities and

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749 words - 3 pages Questions facing the nation after the War/ Reconstruction... How will the South rebuild (after war destruction & slaves freed)? How would free blacks compare to free men and women? How would Southern states reintegrate with the Union? Who would control the reconstruction process? How should states and leaders be handled? Punished? Forgiven? Conditions in the South after the war... - Banks & Businesses shut down - Factories out of work

The Philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois

279 words - 2 pages Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois had diverse views of philosophy. Washington was born in the southern agriculture into slavery. He shared the hectic years of Reconstruction, and warily developed a compromise with the white establishment. Du Bois was born in the northern state of Massachusetts. He attended two different Universities and received his doctorate. Washington and Du Bois diverse philosophies, shaped from the differences in

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827 words - 4 pages biggest concern or priority. Both President Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Johnson were supportive and appreciative of the KKK, often giving them his personal backing and praising their actions, showing his opposition towards civil rights during the period of reconstruction and allowing the south to pass highly discriminating laws and put them into practice, with Wilson also segregating the White House, and President Reagan undid positive discrimination

Stereotyping Black Americans And The Deep South in "THE BIRTH OF A NATION" movie

1366 words - 6 pages , Henry B.Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Robert Harron, Wallace Reid, Joseph Henabery, Don Crisp, Erich von Stroheim and Raoul Walsh.It is a story about the Civil War and the resulting Reconstruction era in nineteenth century United States history. The first half of the movie concerns itself with the quest of the South's separation from the Union and is full of some well choreographed Civil War battle scenes. The second half depicts Reconstruction from a

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543 words - 3 pages as it has been brutal. This white rage primarily revealed itself through the perpetual violence, segregation, and criminalization of African Americans. Anderson starts off with the Reconstruction Era. “America was at the crossroads,” she writes, “between its slaveholding past and the possibility of a truly inclusive, vibrant democracy.” Post Civil War, black racialization took form in violence against African Americans. The KKK formed, and we see


354 words - 2 pages the quality of controled procedures. In 1987 he had new two new main slogans in his political thinking which were openness about the discussion of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty, Stalin's genocides. And then there was reconstruction, democratization. In local elections 1988 it was for the first time possible to vote for more than one candidate to the different posts, which resulted in that politicians favorable to reforms were elected. After this

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1217 words - 5 pages member of an international military coalition both to challenge Iraq shortly after its invasion of Kuwait and after the war to hold service to the refugees. Canada also contributed to the war effort in Afghanistan by providing numerous naval crews and vessels, troops to the military effort and helped with the reconstruction campaign. Since the 1950s Canada has grown into a respected world power through their contributions to the Korean War, the

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1339 words - 6 pages the north and the south meaning that having support from the north couldn’t have been the sole reason or main reason for the political dominance of the Republican party at this time. Furthermore, the Republicans had support from African-Americans after 1865 during Reconstruction. This meant that they were able to have some support in the south during the Reconstruction period allowing roles in the south such as governors to be filled by Republican

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2051 words - 9 pages -deficient and abusive practice. However, once the fighting started, the Civil War ceased to be centered on the actual institution of slavery and refocused on which side would prevail on the battlefield. [1: Eric Foner, A Short History of Reconstruction (New York: Harper Collins, 1990), 1.] [2: Louis P. Masur, The Civil War: A Concise History (New York: Oxford, 2001), 23.] Several important logistical factors unrelated to slavery were responsible

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1113 words - 5 pages Free scenarios. The author portrays the main character, Miss Emily, to symbolize the reconstruction of the old South, focalize on baneful relationship connections, and the reoccurring affiliation with fatality. Throughout the duration of the story, Faulkner formulates numerous implications to show his resemblance of Miss Emily to the early 1900s reparation of the South. A major issue, that at the time was a cultural tradition, was racial

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428 words - 2 pages the railroad and a boom in industrial production in such regions. CITATIONS “Railroad Towns.” ​Railroad Towns < The Iron Horse - The Impact Of The Railroads On 19th Century American Society  - Marieke Van Ophem < 1801-1900 < Essays < American History From Revolution To Reconstruction and Beyond​,​.  “Early American Railroads.” ​​, Independence Hall Association, ​​.