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Recruitment and Selection Procedures Report
Recruitment and Selection Procedures Report
School districts in California have a hiring process for both classified and certificated employees. This paper will take a look at the different steps involved in both the recruitment and selection procedures for both classified and certificated employees. It will also analyze and evaluate the difference in the recruitment and selection process between the two categories. This paper will evaluate how this process ensures that the best candidate is selected and helps achieve student and school success.
Certificated and Classified Personnel
The hiring process begins because a new position has been created or a standing position needs to be filled due to a vacancy. There are two types of school district employees; certificated and classified. According to our Self-Paced lesson on Recruitment and Selection, certificated employees are made up of teachers, nonadministrative certificated employees, and administrators. Classified employees are employees that are not teachers or administrators. They include senior management and confidential and/or classified management.
Certificated employees are made up of three categories: teachers, non-administrative certificated staff, and administrators. According to our Self-Paced lesson (CUI, 2018), student enrollment determines how many teachers are hired by the school district. The class size ratio plays a key role in the number of teachers that are hired. Classroom size ratios are determined by the state and school districts must adhere to the ratios. Non-administrative certificated employees such as counselors are determined not only by student enrollment but also by district mission and availability of funds. This is one area that varies from district to district, due to these positions not tied to classroom size ratios. The Self-Paced lesson (CUI, 2018) also indicates that there are no minimum numbers for administration. However, there is a maximum number that a school district must not exceed, and there are penalties attached if that number is exceeded.
The hiring of classified employees is different than certificated employees different because there are no legal mandates or requirements from the state. School Districts will use their budgets to determine the number of classified employees that are needed. However, there are certain cases such as IBIA or One to One instructional assistants that are written into IEPs that must be legally adhered to. If an aide or other service personnel is attached to an IEP this must be adhered to and can change the number of special education. Safety reasons can also dictate numbers for classified employees such as crossing guards, and yard supervisors.
Recruitment and Hiring Process
The recruitment and hiring process involves various steps. According to our Self Paced Lesson(CUI, 2018), there are six steps in the recruitment and selection process. They are as follows: Establishment of Goals, Assessment of Needs, Job Analysis, Job Description, Internal and External Recruiting, and Establishing an Applicant Pool. These six steps are mandated per California Education code and are adhered to by publicly funded school districts across the State of California.
The first step according to our Self-Paced lesson(CUI, 2018) is the establishment of goals. School districts set short and long-term goals for the recruitment process. This is to address a variety of issues such as attrition for retirement, need for classification of personnel and other goals that are set up by a school board, that can have personnel implications. Once goals are established the second goal must take place.
The second goal is the assessment of needs. This step evaluates if schools are indeed in need of these positions and if they are necessary. This is a critical step, especially during the tightening of budgets or shortfalls in the budget. Administrators must evaluate if there is a need for the position and could, for example, be filled by another teacher at a different school site. The third step is job analysis. The third step is one that may or may not take place depending on the school district´s needs.
The fourth step is one of the most important steps. It is important that the candidate must have the most detailed description and information on the position they are applying. The recruitment posting must include a heading, position purpose, duties and responsibilities, position qualifications, selection timeline, and other(which could include physical requirements, working conditions etc..). The recruitment posting must also include the location of the position.
The fifth step is internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is usually the first step for most districts. These positions appear on edjoin as ¨in-house¨ only. According to Rebore(2015), ¨promotion from within has high advantages, particularly in creating high morale among employees¨. This usually occurs when there are many qualified internal applicants for the position, who could be eligible for a promotion. External recruitment can concurrently take place with internal recruitment. External recruitment can help in ensuring diversity in school districts. Lack of diversity is a growing concern for many school districts. According to Rebore(2015), ¨of particular concern, are urban school districts where minority student populations continue to grow yearly. However, there is no corresponding increase in the percentage of minority teachers, and in fact, the trend signals a decline in African American and Hispanic teachers and/or administrators.¨ Active external recruitment can help in narrowing the gap between districts that have a diverse student population and do not have a diverse staff.
The last step is ensuring a diverse selection/recruitment team. Districts need to have a proactive approach to hiring for diversity. As was mentioned in our lesson, it must go beyond Equal Opportunity Employer. It is important that a diverse selection and recruitment panel must be selected before an interview. Districts must make these selections and plan for the hiring of diverse personnel to ensure that members are culturally aware and sensitive during the selection process.
Student Success
The steps that are inacted by school districts in the hiring process ensure that the best candidates are selected. By following the steps it can prevent nepotism and ensure that the positions are available to a wide variety of people, cultures, and backgrounds. The process ennsures that a fair hiring process is taking place.
There are complaints that hiring process at school districts are red taped. However, it is crucial that these steps are in place to ensure student success. The hiring of the best candidates for both classified and certificated positions, ensures that students have access a high quality education. It ensures that favoritism is not taking place.
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