Recruitment From External Or Internal Source

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Nowadays, every business organization needs employees to carrying different business activities smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, a personnel planning is an essential activity in every organization. It is an important part of an organization, because a personnel planning is a significant element for the success of the organization in the long run. To achieve an organization planed objective, it must ensure that it has right number and kind of people, at the right place and right time. In order to have the right work and rights of people, recruitment plays an important role.

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By the way, almost organizations tend to use external supply of employees, for the reason that external supply of employee enables the organization to get the best candidate. For example, Infosys more prefers external supply of employee as it is a big organization and internal supply of employees proves to be insufficient as its yearly targets are very high. Moreover, organizations believe that placed on the external supply of employees can meeting future need because these employees will bring new blood into the organization.

External supply of employees will be more benefit to an organization rather than internal supply of employees. Through external supply of employees they will brings new blood with it fresh outlook, originality and new ideas into the organization, whereas, the old habit of the organization will be replaced by the new one and the concern will become more dynamic. For example, ING hired Arkadi Kuhlmann. Before Mr. Kuhlmann joining ING, he experience consists of high-level corporate and academic position. He was President of North American Trust and CEO of Deak International Incorporated and held diverse executive positions at the Royal Bank of Canada. After he join in ING become the chairman and president of ING Direct USA, the retail bank offers simple financial products direct to consumers over the telephone and internet. Once the online banking concept introduces to the United States in 2000, analysts predicted it would be a failure. Fortunately, under Mr. Kuhlmann's leadership, ING Direct has developed to become the country's largest saving bank.

Since using external supply of employees, there will be larger pool of employees from which to find the best candidate. Thus, expertise, excellence and experience in other organizations can be easily brought into the organization. For instance, Chris Albrecht worked for five years with the firm International Creative Management (ICM), where he was talented. Then Chris Albrecht joins HBO as senior vice president, original programming, West Coast. Before him becoming Chairman of HBO, he spent seven years as president of HBO Original Programming, where he directed day-to-day operations of West and East Coast original programming for HBO, Cinemax and HBO Independent Productions and also oversaw HBO Sports and HBO Film Programming. When Albrecht was President of HBO Independent Productions, he manages development and production of comedy series for distribution on HBO and the networks. Under his leadership, HBO became the leader in innovative entertainment and sports programming.

Another advantage of external supply of employees is to avoid possibility for antipathy and jealousies. Usually using internal supply of employees will lead to problem. This will cause happen when the organization is doing promotion within the internal supply of employees. For example, when a position become vacant in an organization and it is promoted for the internal candidate, many inter...


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