Red Bull Advertisement Strategies Tamu Engl 104 Evaluation Essay

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Sai Nikhil Naru
Professor Brenner
ENGL 104-520
12 Feb 2018
Pixel Perfect
In our current technology driven world, cellular devices are a must have item for millions of people because of the population’s increasing dependence on technology. According to a survey by eMarketer almost 62.9 percent of the world owns a phone. This means that most people are faced with the excruciating decision of what phone they should buy. With all these options available to consumers, there is an existing dilemma over which phone best serves their cause. Extensive research has shown that consumers want more of everything. One of the most popular devices has been the Google Pixel, which is a user-friendly phone loaded with techy features for more than everyday use. Through well supported examples, it can be concluded that the Pixel phone is the best phone on the market because of its intuitive assistant, fantastic camera, and peak performance capabilities.
An Intelligence assistant embedded in software of phones is the most desirable trait in all the latest phones. Who does not want a personal robot that listens to your every command? The google assistants’ ability to understand our garbled commands and communicate with us using its chatbot shows the unique interaction between the user and the phone. Although other people think that Apple’s improved Siri’s speech patterns in iOS 11 make it a valid competitor, its virtual assistant has not had much improvement from its previous phone. Evidence taken by “The Verge” shows us that the Google Assistant is not only just better at recognizing what you are saying but is also more simple and conversational than its competitors. With the new routines feature, you will be able to bunch up several tasks like activating your security alarm, setting an alarm, making a grocery list and many more with a single phrase. It even recognizes your voice over the other people in your home. With Siri, commands are confined by its software, but the google assistant makes you feel like you’re talking to another person. Hopefully, this assertive assistant can be everyone’s perfect sidekick in the future.
The 12.3 Mega Pixel rear camera, an important element of the Google Pixel, holds the title of best rated camera ever. Since camera quality is the number one feature people are looking to buy in a phone, Google invested greatly on the quality of the lens. It works best at dawn and dusk when light is at the right level. The most unique part of the camera is the speed of how fast it operates. When you open the app with the double tap of the power button, it is almost spontaneous. What most users don’t know is the phone’s video recording ability. The trick is to use its featured gyroscope that allows it to record in 4k This results in a clear and smooth vid...


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