Reevaluating Who Is In The Tsa, Airport Security Will Be Improved English 11 Persuasive

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September 11th, 2001, a date engraved in everyone’s mind. The tragic day four aircraft were hijacked and thousands lost their lives.  It was unexpected, and the United States was unprepared for the attacks. After the devastation occurred, the United States implemented new rules and regulations for airport screenings. Even after the additions to security, airports are still in need of additional screening and protection. With the addition of increased security, controlling who enters the airport, and reevaluating who is in the TSA, airport security will be improved.
In the United States alone there are over 400 airports where the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) operates. These airports range from regional to international, higher security should be prioritized at larger sized airports and international flights. After September 11th, there have been over 30 terrorist attack attempts on airports in the United States. If military personnel were to stand guard at airports, like airports in the Middle East, this would deter future attempts on terror.
Airports in Israel are some of the safest airports in the world, it’s time for the United States to adopt some of the practices. In Israeli airports, people are screened 3 times prior to your flight. First when entering the airport, second at passport control, and lastly before boarding an international flight. In Israeli airports, security looks at who is traveling, rather than the baggage a person is carrying. Asking simple questions like “Where are you traveling to” or “How long will you be staying” are the easiest way to figure out where a problem might lie. If the United States were to begin to adopt these practices, terror can be prevented.
In November of 2017 the TSA failed to detect 67 out of 70 “Red Items” A red item is any item that the TSA prohibits, such as a knife or any type of gun. In one instance, a TSA agent was unable to detect a fake explosive device strapped to an undercover agent. All TSA Officers need to be reevaluated and retrained in how to detect “Red Items.”
Some people may say that we already are protected by the TSA and further screenings are unnecessary. If our very own TSA fails to protect us, we need to reevaluate who is working, and who is doing their job incorrectly. The TSA should not of failed this many tests, it should make people feel uneasy about traveling.
Airports and technology is much different than it was twenty years ago, that’s evident in the ways prohibited items are getting passed checkpoints. Think of the children and the families that are at a potential risk of harm that can be prevented. It only takes one incident to hurt and injure many people. Although, if these revisions are implemented, airports will be safer after retraining the TSA Staff, model airport security after Israel, and changing how the TSA is funded.


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