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Refection Paper: Laws Are Important (Law Code Of King Hammurabi) By Beav

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Refection paper laws are importantLaws are important to keep the citizens in line and to maintain the peace. With out laws there's nothing but chaos. The first Babylonian empire is best known for the Law Code of King Hammurabi, circa 1750 BC, purportedly handed down by the god Shamah. The laws of Moses derive from Hammurabi's code. The laws themselves ...view middle of the document...

It had been carted off by the Elamites following their sack of Babylon in 1158 BC. Hammurabi, the great Babylonian king from Mesopotamia, built a series of laws which were one of the first real honorable laws introduced in Mesopotamia. Hammurabi's Code was really laws based on a eye for a eye judgement. This means that as much harm as you did the exact amount of harm should be inflicted on you. A example of this code is "if a house builder builds a house that caves in and injures or kills someone in the home, the one who built the house will be executed". A great factor in uniting a community or colony is to have strong laws and order that is how Mesopotamia and Egypt were formed. Laws also provide safety and reassurance to the villagers who live within the community also with these laws you need someone strong enough to keep them in line. Laws are a way of life and law is needed for without law the world would be a ball of chaoticnessBy Scott Glover AkA the beav

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