Reflection On “Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy”

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To me, ?Applying Bloom?s Taxonomy? is just a checklist for teachers. This checklist helps teachers to find out different words to better explain a concept for students. Teachers could also use different words to help individual students get the concept they are trying to portray, and therefore guiding the student in the assignment they are supposed to complete.I can see many ways in which I can use this checklist in my lab now. When a student doesn?t understand ...view middle of the document...

I am thinking I may do jut that. I will print this out, make me a better copy of it, and place it on the wall as a reference tool. Children, at least the intermediate grades can use this checklist to assist themselves in an assignment.I can also see how I can revise this checklist in ways I can help my future students with special needs. Every classroom has different abilities, which require differential instruction in the classroom. Well, my students with special needs will be no different. In way I have already been using this checklist without even knowing it. I use differential instruction in the lab and when I work with children with special needs. I have to change the wording of the instruction or assignment so individual students can understand. I do have trouble, sometimes, figuring out what words to use and still keep the assignment the same. So this checklist will help me to do that.Teachers can get so stressed out that they may feel like they are brain dead. They may not be able to think of how to word a specific assignment or concept, and this list will help guide teachers. We teachers are a lot like students we need all the guidance we can get, and this taxonomy checklist is one of the many guiding instruments out there for teachers.


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1061 words - 5 pages each student. Bloom's Taxonomy provides clear and concise building blocks, and addresses seven levels to measure in order to gauge student comprehension, far different from the busy work of crossword puzzles and copying information from a textbook. A student shows mastery of a subject when he/she can use higher level thinking, progressively, by remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating from the new information they

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1147 words - 5 pages . Consider using Bloom’s Taxonomy or Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Knowing Your Learners Describe pre-requisite skills students already know that will help them meet the lesson objective(s). What is your evidence that students need this/these skills(s)? This may include pre-assessment data; student personal, cultural or community assets you have gathered and observations you have made concerning your students. Assessment/Evaluation How will students

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4519 words - 19 pages social definitions of corruption. He argues that corruption has a formal and legal definition in addition to the social definition based on how society perceives corruption. The corruption literature needs a generic definition or basic taxonomy of corruption, even if that definition or taxonomy is later proved to be insufficient. The literature needs a starting point and baseline to which to respond. As the purpose of this essay is not to define

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1473 words - 6 pages whether those who applied were fit for the part in which they applied for. Additionally, I was also interviewed to see whether I could be fruitful contender for the part. Being a part of the mock interview application procedure empowered me to do some self-reflection, assessment, and helped me to comprehend the qualities and the shortcomings of the experience. The Application Process: The application process consisted of us filling in an online

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1245 words - 5 pages Eleonor Robinson FYAC Br. Michael Murphy 8 May 2018 FYAC Reflection Saint Mary’s College was never a school I planned to attend. I didn’t want to be at a small school. I didn’t want to be somewhere with no social life. I wanted to be somewhere new, maybe not stay in the Bay Area. I wanted to go to Cal Poly, Southern California, or maybe Oregon, or Penn State and pursue a business degree. I wanted to go to the East Coast to Boston and pursue a

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2370 words - 10 pages , which is a twenty bedded ward, care of the elderly. I am an Assistant Practitioner, recently developed from Health Care Assistant. I have worked at my local Hospital for ten years now. The essay is a reflection essay therefore, I will be reflecting in the past in my practice, analysing feelings, analysing actions, not looking to blame however, moving forward and looking how to improve situations, therefore I will be applying the reflection Gibbs

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1198 words - 5 pages everyday interaction” (Westbrook and Schilt 319). Interacting with people can form a perspective on information on their specific gender identity. Gender integrated spaces are more likely to use identity- based criteria, while gender-segregated spaces, likely the sexual spaces we have previously examined. For instance, designated bathrooms for all genders. Section 2: Applying Gender Gender equality still struggles with differences every day. The

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1262 words - 6 pages listen to, the message is never acted upon by individuals. This is usually because of fear of failure. In the 1970’s just saying you’re competent was enough but in later years, it’s not. Larry’s message focuses on individuals who make excuses for not pursuing their dreams and what their passion really is because of unacceptable excuses like, it’s too hard or as earlier mentioned fear of failing. He challenges individuals to get up and pursue that

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1395 words - 6 pages his style of narration. The narrator describes events unfolding within the story with an ironic naivety to accentuate and encourage the audience to criticize the insidious spread of corruption through the leaders of the revolution and consequently the corruption and betrayal of the very ideals that the revolution was founded on. "So the animals trooped down to the hayfield to begin the harvest and when they came back in the evening it was noticed

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1906 words - 8 pages , 40% reported having unprotected sex with persons unknown to them (Lubman, Droste, Pennay, Hyder & Miller, 2014). This precarious behaviour can be interpreted by applying Becker’s concept of labelling. While no human is hard-wired deviant, social groups concoct deviance and label such behaviour (2018). Although all of us will encroach on social norms from time to time, few would deem themselves deviant, and those that do, have often been

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1772 words - 8 pages bright white car contrasting the environment following the character. The camera goes in and out of focus from Chris to the car, highlighting the later importance of the car. The diegetic sound in the film is played through the consistent low cricket chirping as the character walks down the street talking on his phone. When the car comes into the frame, there is a muffled and upbeat cheery music playing coming from the radio in it. The song becomes

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3770 words - 16 pages . After the data has been transcribed, it will be stored on protected folders requiring password access. We will apply the 2018 data protection act (GDPR) to our research (ICO, 2018). 4. Reflection 4.1. Intro: The study aims to explore the perceptions of English people towards the Welsh opt-out system. Hopefully, from this study more discussion on future policy for NHS England but also for the entire United Kingdom. 4.2. Limitations: There are

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5380 words - 22 pages learnt a lot from my reflection in these areas and strive to ensure I will be efficacious enough in teaching the curriculum area of Health and Wellbeing. I will further take into account the social learning theory while undertaking work in schools to become a good role model for Health and Wellbeing. References Adolphus, K., Lawton, C.L. and Dye, L., (2013). The effects of breakfast on behavior and academic performance in children and adolescents

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2152 words - 9 pages , price, place and promotion. The four Ps were then developed by Booms and Bitner in 1981 to form the 7 Ps, add-ons included physical environment, process and people. These 7ps are a reflection of the developing of marketing services now worth 76% of the national economy (ONS 2016) (which was having a great effect on the economy.) Presently, marketing has led to the development of the marketing concept, which is according to ICMBA “the philosophy

Girl Interrupted

2227 words - 9 pages recognition from the reader. Perhaps most profound is the emotion that her writing induces, leaving the reader in a state of reflection and questioning, and a state of compassion for her and her tribulations. The most effective tool a writer has is the ability to bring about emotion in the reader. This can be considered a basic requirement of all art forms; to promote an emotion that pushes the subject to reflect on the story laid before them and their lives. All good art accomplishes this on some level and Girl Interrupted is no exception.