Reflection On Writing Essays Over The Semester Laurier/English Essay

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Final Reflection
The two essays that I have chosen to include on my ‘Final Portfolio’ page are the essays
from the last two units. I chose the evaluation essay because I think it is important to understand
the importance of electric cars in the future. I really improved my ability to think critically about
readings I encounter throughout the process of unit two because I had to think critically in order
to make strong points for my essay. When I was reading the various texts, I had to read
rhetorically because it was important for me to capture different viewpoints that someone would
have when reading the text and what effect it would have on them. I learned a lot about
quotations in the writing process of the evaluation essay. I had used quotes in essays in high
school school before but, the quotations were very important in this essay which is why there
was an activity allocated to quotations for the second unit. Using quotations can be very effective
because they put an emphasis on what the author is trying to say by providing an expert’s
opinion in my instance. The major aspects of my evaluation essay that I will revise are my
overall sentence structure, grammar, as well as including a hanging indent for my works cited
I chose to include the argument essay in my final portfolio because writing argumentative
essays are my favourite genre of essays. I enjoy researching various topics that interest me in my
free time so, I found the research process of this unit to be very easy for me. Sometimes it is
difficult to write about an issue from a variety of perspectiv...


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