Reflective Essay My Summer Reading Lesson Cedar Valley Engl 1301 31432 Essay

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Devin Gaut
Prof. Holly McGowan-Romero
September 1, 2018
Reflective Essay: My Summer Reading Lesson
My great-grandmother was a very strict and stern woman. I think that was the quality that made her most loveable and respectable to me. When I was growing up, I preferred to spend my entire summer vacations in Greenville, Texas with my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother’s house is where I knew I would wake up to the aroma of breakfast cooking early in the morning! It was the country, so the fresh air was always good for a growing hard-headed young man as myself. My great-grandmother was the most valuable person in my life because she taught me everything. I was always getting into things, but she was the disciplinarian in the family. I always wanted to be in her good graces. Because of the respect and adoration that I had for my grandmother made my mother know that if there was anyone who would get my reading intact, she should allow me to do it with her. She would be the best person to get me back in line every time.
I was eight years old and promoting to the third-grade on this summer vacation. My second-grade teacher informed my mother that I was not doing very well with reading. She didn’t require summer school but highly recommended that I go. My mother decided that this summer, I would be attending school instead of going to my great-grandmother’s house. I was so angry and disappointed. I called my great-grandmother and cried to her. She was my biggest fan and always tried her best to give me exactly what I wanted. She told my mother to allow me to come for the summer but this time, I would have to focus on my reading instead of playing with me friends. I was never happier to know that my grandmother was going to be helping me with my reading just so that I can spend time with her during the summer.
When school let out that year, my mother packed up my things and dropped me off with my great-grandmother. I was probably the happiest that I could be when I hopped out of the car. When I...

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