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I will focus on international news events for this reflection. The following international news events will be mentioned: David Hicks, Mr. Blair's new proposals for criminals, Egypt's constitution, Hong Kong's leader won new term, and Seized sailors held in Iranian.-Print media reports and my reflectionsOn Monday, 26 March 2007 (page 6), The MX News reported that David Hicks is contemplating agreeing to a plea deal with US military prosecutors. I was particularly disappointed with the report in The MX News. This report only described the situation of Hicks and what his lawyer said. It was a shallow report as it did not include any analysis to the event. The report in the MX NEWS relied ...view middle of the document...

On Monday, 26 March 2007, the BBC reported that the 15 Royal Navy personnel who were seized on Friday are being held at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps base in Tehran. An Iranian source told the BBC's security correspondent the Britons were being interrogated to find out if their mission was intelligence-gathering. The BBC had their own source for the report; they had a reporter on the ground rather than relied on news agency reporters. They devoted sufficient space and time for this report.-Online media reports and my reflectionsOn Tuesday, 27 March 2007, the BBC NEWS reported on Mr. Blair's new proposals for criminals. Repeat offenders' activities will be restricted after they leave prison, under plans for the criminal justice system outlined by Mr. Blair. I thought the report in the BBC NEWS was pretty good because the report was presented in a simple way without the use of technical jargons. The report had in-depth analysis about the new proposals from two sides. One side thought they should make alcohol and drug treatment available for all inmates ...


Digital Activism and its Implications - JOUR 3751 - Reflective Essay

1203 words - 5 pages Susan Mwai JOUR 3751 - Digital Media and Culture Multimedia Project: Reflective Essay 6th May 2019 Multimedia Project: Reflective Essay For the multimedia project I wanted to research the topic of digital activism, the ways in which social media plays a role in political campaigns and activist movements, and whether it does more harm than good. In light of recent years I felt that this topic was relevant as we have seen people in society take to

Reflective ideas on Digital futures - Digital Futures - Essay

1201 words - 5 pages FIT1052 Digital Futures – IT Shaping Society Semester 1, 2019 Reflective piece The aim of this essay is to represent the impact of IT in the society and the issue that has been raised in different aspects such as social media. It is based on the article, “Facebook’s war on free will”, written by Franklin Foer published on 2017. Foer confers how the large corporations such as Facebook is leading its users to risky paths and their main intentions

The Effects of Globalization in Daily Life - Sociology 101 (University of Mississippi) - Essay

914 words - 4 pages characteristics between regions and other types of borders. Globalization affects multiple aspects of my life. Through my use of social media, communication between myself and people of different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities is instant and quite commonplace. My enrollment at a major public university has an effect on communication similar to that of social media, the main difference being the contact is face-to-face. In a

The Truth of The Digital Persona - Undergraduate - Essay

2580 words - 11 pages Free ). New York: ACM Press, 2009, pp. 1151–1160. Nakamura L. Cybertypes: race, ethnicity, and identity on the Internet. New York: Routledge, 2002, p.14. Welles D. 'My big, fat, lily-white Second Life: Would any black resident please stand up?' The Register, 30 January, (2007, accessed May 2012). Nakamura L. Neoliberal space and race in virtual worlds. Sub-article in: Dossier: media space in perspective. The velvet light trap 2008; 62, 72-73.

Film Visual and Performing Arts - Dei Gracia Academy - Essay

2604 words - 11 pages naturally. We use language to produce meaning, languages are not just verbal languages. This is the constructionist approach, that meaning is constructed or made by people. The constructionist approach relates things to concepts through language. 2 Not all languages are the same so you have to translate them to share meanings. To do this you need to understand the encode and decode process. These codes are not fixed, they change constantly. They exist

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1092 words - 5 pages social media, or you can send messages saying that you care, and you want to change how things are, so you can stop the earth from getting warmer. You might be thinking what I mean by weatherize, you might be frisking out how you are going to survive the summer without an air conditioner or how you are going to survive the cold without a heater. Well that’s easy during the summer use fans things that gives up less heat. Reducing water waste, by

Texts relating to the period After the Bomb - freshwater senior campus, year 12 - essay

1263 words - 6 pages career progression. Misplaced priorities are exemplified through Heller’s characterisation of Cathcart, who illustrates the lack of importance of militarism if it intercepts power interests, “I don’t give a damn about the men or the airplane. It’s just that it looks so lousy on the report”, reflective of the destructive use of language by authoritative figures whilst representing the social and political culture of the revolutionary 1960s era. The

Pressure Groups are vital to democracy - School Year 12 - Essay

2229 words - 9 pages Free of the time as Labour announced support, when ‘hundreds’ of prisoners on a 12 month sentence or less were granted the ability to vote. In a true democracy everyone has the right to a say on the policy that would effect them. This is provided in New Social Movements such as an increase in women rights and mothers rights. These social movements are emphasised through the use of social media and coverage in the press. They aim to not only influence

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1496 words - 6 pages the illusion of movement. This method of physical animation commonly uses clay to form the models (as in "Claymation"), however any material can be used. Video animation is basically the same as traditional animation (traditional is hand drawing movements, frame by frame, and then filming one frame at a time), except the images are stored on magnetic media instead of 35 millimeter film. Magnetic media includes all video and audio cassette

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2008 words - 9 pages Contextual Studies 2 · Physical Skills 2 · Vocal Skills 2 · Rehearsal Module 2 Year 2 (FHEQ Level 5) · Professional and Contextual Studies 1 · Acting Technique 1 · Vocal Skills 3 · Rehearsal Module 3 · Professional and Contextual Studies 2 · Acting Technique 2 · Vocal Skills 4 · Rehearsal Module 4 Year 3 (FHEQ Level 6) · Professional Development 1 · Media 1 · Small Scale Production Project · Advanced Practice 1 (Research and Development) · Advanced Practice 2 (Performance and Reflective Analysis) · Professional Development 2 – Industry Showcase · Media 2

Manage quality in health and social care or children and young people's setting - Adut Services - nvq LEVEL 5

4685 words - 19 pages shared values. Leaders need to lead and be seen to lead. Our improving trusts placed emphasis on the visibility of leaders: chief executives and senior staff spending time on the ‘shop floor’, meeting staff and setting up regular channels of communication. An outward looking approach is another aspect that’s enabled improvement. Some services will seek and reach out to their communities and encouraged staff to use social media to share stories

Construction Project Management: Risks - Construction Management - Essay

4176 words - 17 pages city when carrying out construction projects means that is important that signage is available in many different languages warning people of hazards. If you walk around the city you will find evidence of this. PESTEL Analysis P Political The construction of the housing development will provide local benefits in the form of creating employment and providing housing as the end product. Depending on who the client is the project may use government

Sensory Syatem In Invertebrates

8105 words - 33 pages high sodium concentrations. The scala media is the compartment located between these outer two chambers. The scala media is filled with a fluid endolymph that had high concentrations of potassium. It also contains the organ of corti.The sound vibrations that pass by the oval window into the chochlear chambers and vibrate the tectorial and basilar membranes, eventually dissipate through the membrane of the round window.The floor of the chochlea

Literary Analysis - Hills like White Elephants - WR 303 - Literary Analysis

1555 words - 7 pages writes, “…Across, on the other side, were fields of grain and trees along the banks of the Ebro. Far away, beyond the river, were mountains…” (3). The use of this quote helps to express the importance of water and life. The river sits next to the big fields of grain and trees, helping them thrive in their environment. The river made of water represents life and without water life would not be possible. The last literary device Hemingway uses is

An Analysis of Walter Freeman, Father of the Lobotomy - NKU HNR 151H - Essay

1433 words - 6 pages of the medical establishment and attacked by the press. The Time magazine described the negative personality changes that occurred after lobotomies, and Newsweek reported on a scientific meeting in which the lobotomy was highly disapproved of. The chief criticisms from the meeting were that the lobotomy was being used indiscriminately, that there was not enough scientific evidence to support widespread use, and that the procedure did more help to