Reform Is Seldom Brought About By People Who Are Concerned With Their Own Reputation And Social Standing

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The wheel of the history is running forward all the time, drived from the significant reform galvanized by those reformers willing to be viewed with disdain by the rest of the world and seldom brought about by people concerned with their own reputation and social standing.As the concept of the term - REFORM - is concerned, any reform would inevitably destructure the existing form of a government, an education system, or any other institution and so forth which are accepted by the public globally. When the reformers commence to change the established structure with the influence to degrade the reputation or shift the situation of some levels in the society, resistences, opposers, obstacles and even threat to death would come into being against the reformers. Thus comes ...view middle of the document...

When we retrospect our history, we can easily get many cases that reputation and social standing are only awarded to the earlier reformers from the descendents not from the contemporary. Bruno was condemned and killed only because he discover the truth to people for believing in Copernican theory that the earth revolves around the sun, which offended the predomination of the religion. While time has proved his value and magnifical reputation has been given to him for his brillant and grand contribution to the development of science and society.Those so-called reformers with the afraid of losing their own reputation and social standing cannot be regard as real ones since they would like to abandon their initial ideality and rospect when face the resistence and threat. Just because of the importance of reputation and interest for these so-called reformers, they are inevitably fluctuant and unfirm, and cannot have the encourage and power to override the resistence along the road of reformation. In spite of the reforms took place with such so-called reformers in the history, they acted as the minority and seldom could occupy the people's remind.Reform regarded as the drive of the development of society would reach the achievement largely or only dependeds on the reformer's devotement who seldom conconed with their own reputation and social standing. While the procedure of refomation is such a hard way full of pain, frustration and sacrifice just like a caterpillor to the butterfly. Everlasting benefits and improvements of the reformation will sooner or later highlight the initiators who were viewed with the misunderstanding, discrepancy, objection and disdain once, that is, the real reformers.


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