Relevance Of Critical Thinking In Academic Writing And Problem Solving Holmesglen Report

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Discuss the relevance of critical thinking in academic writing and problem solving. Provide suitable examples to support your arguments. REPORT
Prepared for: Dr. David Chin Prepared by: Jan Van Auza Beldeniza Student ID : 100584581 Due Date : 10 April 2018 No. of Words: 3155
1. Executive Summary 3
2. Introduction 3
3. Critical thinking defined 3
4. Critical thinking in academic writing 4
4.1 Evaluating and using various sources 4
4.2 Applying concepts 5
4.3 Understanding arguments 5
5. Critical thinking in problem solving 5
5.1 Defining the problem 6
5.2 Analysing potential causes 6
5.3 Identifying possible solutions 6
5.4 Selecting the best solution 6
5.5 Developing an action plan 7
5.6 Implementing solution and evaluating progress 7
6. Conclusion 7
7. Recommendation 8
8. Reference List 10
1. Executive Summary
This report discusses the relevance of critical thinking in academic writing and problem solving. In this report, the key terms – critical thinking, academic writing and problem solving, are explained, relationship between them are assessed and applicable examples are provided.
By analysing the relationship of critical thinking and academic writing, the report discusses the importance of critical thinking in every aspect of activities in academic writing like evaluating and using various sources, applying concepts and understanding arguments. In relation to problem solving, the report talks about how critical thinking is demonstrated in the problem solving steps such as understanding the problem, identifying potential causes, looking for possible solutions, choosing the best solution, creating an action plan, applying solution and assessing progress.
The report finds that critical thinking is a fundamental tool in the daily activities of an individual and that includes creating a valuable academic writing and successful problem solving. Although critical thinking does not mean that best possible outcomes will be made all the time, it is a process that any individual will go through in order to reach reliable and better decisions.
The recommendation of this report describes the applicability of critical thinking to an individual’s daily life. In academic writing, critical thinking enables an individual to discuss, analyse, apply knowledge and use high level of thinking skills. On the other hand, critical thinking helps to build effective problem solving skills by appropriately recognising and carefully working through a problem in an inclusive approach, ensuring clearness when the time comes to make choices or conclusions.
2. Introduction
Critical thinking is arguably an important tool in life. It enables people to create exceptional academic writing and helps make better decisions. Different settings whether in an academic background or work environment offers problems that need to be solved every day. This report discusses the relevance of critical thinking in academic writing and problem solving. ...

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