Relicta, A Story Written In Summer School May Wood Story Writing

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My name is Sam. Sam Mcmoans. Me and my brother, Melvin, 
have been abandoned in this forest a week ago. 
The forest we were abandoned in has a lot of trees. Some 
were skinny and long, and some were stumpy and short. It is 
usually very wet since it rains a lot here, and has many 
crystal-clear ponds. Not many animals lived here, but there might 
be a frog or two. 
We were abandoned with a box that held eight candy sticks, 
and a knife. I always told my brother to suck the stick of candy, 
so it could last longer. After a week, I only had a half stick of 
candy left. My brother was still asleep, looking hopeless and small. 
I took out the half-stick of candy and put it in his hand. Then I 
thought… How are we going to get food? We could get water from 
the ponds, but there are barely any animals around. I don’t even 
know if the berries and mushrooms here are poisonous or not. We 
can’t risk it. 
Ever since two days ago, I’ve been hoping to see something 
other than green leaves and brown bark. Perhaps a city or 
something related to that… 
I decided to walk a little bit farther to see if there was 
anything appealing to the eye. I kept on walking, forgetting about 
my brother, until I saw a bright light and car noises. I was about 
to check what it was, but then I heard my brother calling “Sam? 
Sam? SAMMMM?!”. I dashed back as fast as I could, a little 
disappointed, but I have to take care of him.  
My brother has deep, blue eyes, and neat, brown hair. He 
was also very skinny and was wearing a tattered, orange hoodie, 
ripped jeans, and light-yellow flip-flops. 
“W-whats wrong…?” I said while gasping for air. “I am 
hungry!” he moaned. Have I mentioned that he was also very 
whiny? “There is a candy stick in your pocket” I replied, while 
rolling my eyes. Melvin took it out from his pocket and started 
biting it. I glared at him, reminding him to suck on it. “S-sorry” 
He replied apologetically as he sucked on it. I sighed and walked to 
the pond to wash my face.  
I looked at it to see my reflection. I Have blue eyes, not as 
deep as Melvin’s, and my hair is always messy. I also have a scar 
on my left cheek I got while chasing a frog through the forest. I 
tripped on a rock and fell on a sharp rock that was poking out of 
the ground. 
I grabbed a handful of the crystal-clear water and splashed 
it on my face multiple times. 
I was feeling sleepy, so I told my brother to wake me up if 
anything happens, or when he's finished his candy stick. Then I 
told him to not wander off. After that, i drifted to sleep… 
After some time, I felt a tugging feeling on my sleeve. I 
opened my eyes immediately and saw my brother’s...

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