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“Women are people just like us. God calls us to respect all people, especially women. We should also
respect women because God respects women. We are all made in the image of God; so we are all equal.”
Society in the 21st century is out of hand, especially with the amount of men treating us like objects and still
living in repeating rules of the 18-1900s.
In my article, pro dads - respect towards women, it refers to how society speaks and shows women through
movies, tv shows, music, ads, etc, and also how both genders want to treat or be treated with respect. All
the talk, creates a horrible reputation for all women around the world. For example, Street-Rap music, when
talked about women, is usually only about womens bodies and what mean like about it, physically. Also,
Movies have our female actors Dressing in highly little clothing. An example of this also written in my
chosen article would be, In Transformers Two the actor Megan Fox is wearing low cut shorts and a very
small shirt cutting off above her stomach. Quoted from my chosen article, “…After seeing the movie with a
couple of friends in the theatres when it came out, this was the scene they talked about for a long time.
They kept saying how hot she was. They said they probably wouldn’t have seen the movie if it hadn’t been
for her role”. Tv shows do no better, “…They are both very focused on a women’s physicality instead of
their personality…Michael gets back together with his crazy ex-girlfriend because she got breast implants.
This is my picture of how not to treat a woman.”
I highly believe that Lukes Gospel and The Lucan Theme creates a great impact on how to treat women
respectfully through all of Jesus’ parables.
Respect womens Morals. In todays society we must all learn to respect each other no what race, religion,
sexuality, appearance, economics, education status, etc.
Luke 10:38-42, sends a message that women don’t always have to follow the gender roles. “Martha had
invited Jesus into her home, where her sister Mary also joined them. Martha was busy cleaning and making
food, while Mary decided to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen. Martha wanted Jesus to order Mary to help her but
Jesus proclaimed that Martha was too stressed and Mary wanted to relax and learn.”
A real life example of the twenty first century, that also supports my scripture reference, would be; In 2017,
the European country known as Norway, levelled all the pays for men and women. Although, some
countries like Australia refuse to equal the pay for major roles such sporting champions, which means
women sport champions are still paid less and are barely ever shown on tv for international countries to
As quoted from my source; “…What are the qualities of a man who respects you?”. The most popular answer
to that question was that the man has to accept their opinion. They have to understand and listen to their
thoughts… What are the qualities of a man who does not show them respect?”. The most popular answer...

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