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Religions Are Similar Essay

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How is it that three different religious fashions are so similar at their very essence? Although Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are different religions, they are similar in many ways. While each religion has a broad spectrum, their basic belief systems are more alike than we think. The three religions have similar positions in believing in a higher power, similar law systems, and they all three are led by a prophet. These core beliefs and their fundamental teachings can tie the three religions together.In all three religions, ...view middle of the document...

Judaism has the Ten Commandments, as does Christianity . Islam has the 'Opening book of Mecca' which mentions laws to follow that are similar to the Ten Commandments. All three religions have moral beliefs that lead their ways of life.In every one of these religions, there is a prophet who lead them. In Judaism, they had Moses. He led the Israelites out of Egypt. In Christianity, they had Jesus. He saved his people by "dying for their sins". In Islam they had Muhammad. He had visions of how religion should be formed. Each led followers toward the right path. They each taught their people the belief systems.Because these religions are similar at the foundation, they unite people in many aspects. The belief systems of each are such that people follow and encounter similar outcomes. For example, divine interventions or through spiritual encounters, religious guidelines were created for a church structure. Each religion believes in a higher power regardless of the name difference. The base of the laws are the same in each system. The religions each had a powerful prophet that led them. These religions, being similar in principle, make the followers comparable in their belief systems, or connect us all in some aspect of life.

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