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Zoe Normand
Religion in Popular Culture
12 May 2016
Religious Satire in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The thought of religion mixing with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an absurd one. The main characters Mac, Dennis, Dee, Frank and Charlie are the exact opposite of religious figures. This is exactly what makes this show intertwine with religion in an odd way. It’s Always Sunny can cause uncomfortable emotions with the outrageous and cringe worthy opinions. Each character takes a side on the extreme ends of the spectrum. They take on controversial issues and put their own demented twist on them.
In the episode “The Gang Goes To Hell”, each character must attempt to overcome the sin they are most likely to commit. This episode exemplifies the characteristics that have always been present within the characters. Gluttony and sloth are the first sins to show their faces. Charlie and Frank are astounded that the cruise they are going on does not allow their favorite beverage, booze. They end up indulging themselves by hiding beers in winter coats. Their act of gluttony is not secluded to this episode. On many accounts they gorge themselves and drink beyond capacity. Dee is the second character to show her colors. She realizes that she reacts strongly to things, usually with anger. She wants to use this cruise as a relaxation and reformation of herself. However, she does not accomplish this goal. Dee is admiring a spot by the pool when a woman comes by and sits in her spot. After a bird defecates on her head, Dee snaps and forcibly removes a woman sitting by the pool. This is not the first time Dee has shown wrath and gluttony. Throughout the twelve seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dee is shown to envy those around her. She is never satisfied with the way she looks, although she is very vain, and she acts in fits of rage. Her brother Dennis does not fair any better. He is also vain, envious but he adds an uncomfortable element. Dennis lusts over anything that resembles a female, even if that female is not legal. On the cruise ship Dennis comes onto a girl, and even when he finds out that she is not of age he continues. His lust is constantly problematic for the gang throughout the show. Although Dennis' lustful shenanigans are infuriating to the group, Mac's constant religious babbling annoys them more. On the cruise Mac finds out something about himself. He finds out that he is gay. In earlier episodes Mac is against same sex relationships. He expresses himself as a very dedicated Catholic who quotes the bible constantly. So to find out he is gay is something very difficult to comprehend. Mac reacts to those who disagree in angry and disapproving ways. Each of the characters in It's Always Sunny depicts the most absurd images of the seven deadly sins.
Audiences around the country enjoy watching these religious depictions because of the way it is presented. The satire intertwined with these religious aspects such as sins...

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