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For numerous years, it was believed that plants and trees were only able to grow in their natural habitat. Spices including nutmeg and & cloves were as valuable as oil is today's world. In today's society you can find nutmeg & clove plants in many different locations across the world whereas in the mid-eighteenth century these plants were only found in select locations. The spread of nutmeg & clove trees across the globe is greatly responsible because of the perseverance and persistence of one individual.Pierre Poivre a Frenchman was always close to death. His mission was to smuggle nutmeg & clove plants from the Spice Islands. His will ...view middle of the document...

One armed Pierre Poivre and his trustworthy clerk friend, Provost set out to the Spice Islands to get their oil. After landing on the island of Miao, they quickly realized that the Dutch had already chopped down any tree of value. Once again, we find an act where man tries to defend their lucrative monopoly.If it wasn't for the snitch Dutchman, Provost would have never found Gueby. The natives in Gueby disliked the Dutch and liked the Provost. They gave Provost exactly what he wanted. Provost had hit the jackpot; he had found his oil mine! He sailed off with four hundred nutmeg trees, seventy clove trees, and thousands of seeds and nuts. Later Provost met with his partner Poivre where they were dispersed across France.I found this chapter informative because it taught of how spices got introduced across the world. I choose this chapter because it really stuck out amongst the other chapters. Being a film major, I quickly thought that this chapter would make a rather exciting epic like film. Pierre Poivre lived a hard life, yet accomplished so much. His travels and adventures in just one person's life could have so many 'exciting scenes'. Not only would this make an entertaining film, but it would also be rather historical telling the audience how the spice trade was such a big part of history. The Dutch tried to monopolize the market, with all their might but man will not let a good thing stay scarce. Pierre Poivre, amongst many other famous individuals throughout history continues to demonstrate how mans perseverance and persistence can achieve great actions.


Caribbean History: Account For The Emancipation Of Slaves In Any One Caribbean Territory. Territory Choosen: French

1042 words - 5 pages Victor Schoelcher that immediate abolition was the only answer. The commission's report in addition to mounting French public opposition towards slavery placed pressure upon the government to react to the will of the people and aided in bringing about emancipation. Humanitarian conditions seemed to have been of particular interest to the French throughout the entire slave period as the Code Noir clearly shows and therefore it is not surprising that the French were the only territory to emancipate their slaves for humanitarian reasons.

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1762 words - 8 pages , Robert E. (1973). The World Bank Since Bretton Woods. Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution. pp. 105–107, 124–135.6. Columbia University Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series The Birth of Coinage Robert A. Mundell Discussion Paper #:0102-08 page 11/13 in the Pdf.7. Why does money have value? Mike Moffatt, About.com "Sir Isaac Newton's state of the gold and silver coin (25 September 1717).". Pierre Marteau.

The Wife Of Martin Guerre: Short Answer Questions And Themes

3294 words - 14 pages from it. She has lost everyone she loves "for the sake of a truth, to free [herself] from a deceit which was consuming and killing [her]". Bertrande was doomed to live an unhappy, 'solitary' life, whatever she did. If she dropped the accusation, she would be unhappy because of her sins. Because she followed it through, she lost everything.CHAPTER FOUR: Afterword16) What effect does the information about the original trial report have on your

Canada's Part In The North American Free Trade Agreement

2907 words - 12 pages ' income fell 4.5%, and only 20% of the Canadians increased 6.6% on average (Internet 5). This was due to many plant closures and layoff. Canada was losing jobs to there partner south of the United States border; Mexico. This era has been known as the lowest economic growth since The Great Depression. Leading economist Pierre Fortin has characterized this period as "the great Canadian slump" -- the longest period of below potential growth since the

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1555 words - 7 pages 1 Madison Evans Jake Sauvageau WR 303 Literary Analysis 8/30/18 Ernest Hemingway’s Hills like White Elephants The short story Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway is a story about a man and woman who are sitting at a bar at a small train station somewhere in Spain. They seem to be having a heated conversation about a mysterious “operation”. The author never explicitly says what the issue is between the man and woman, but it can be

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1433 words - 6 pages mixture of fear, disgust, and shame. Afraid of contact with living patients, Freeman only allowed himself physical contact with their bodies in the pathology laboratory where he set out to learn all that he could about the brain of the psychotic (Johnson, "American Lobotomy" 22-23). Freeman later accepted a teaching position at George Washington University within the Department of Neurology. While working with one of his colleagues, a

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1130 words - 5 pages Lost Treasure When I was a child, my late father and I would spend every moment of the summer season on the sparkling white sand of the beach near our home. We would dance, kicking up the shiny surface so that the droplets glimmered like diamonds in the sunlight. We would lie on our backs and stare at the sky, until the swirling clouds began to take on our imaginative shapes mingled together by our fantastical minds. We would grip imaginary

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1357 words - 6 pages is then compared with current trends and statistics in New Zealand’s employment market conclusions can be drawn about how robotics might influence New Zealand employment in the next thirty years. Evolution in employment methods has been seen in the past as jobs that required simple routines have been replaced by machines that can emulate the human effort many times faster and with less error (Stommel, Deng, & Xu, 2017). Examples of this include

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1115 words - 5 pages Free not been fulfilled accordingly after the year 1992. Many indigenous people still have inadequate housing, poor health, restricted education and lower average incomes. About 25 years from the Wik decision, many Aboriginals were classified under the popular term ‘asset rich but dirt poor’. Even though the land belongs to the Aboriginal people, they have a right to live there, but do not have the necessary resources to invest in businesses. The

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749 words - 3 pages Annie Shepherd-Barron, Luxmoore Comparison Between the Portrayal of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby in Chapters 1 to 6 Fitzgerald purposefully portrays Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan in contrasting ways to emphasise the variety of money within the American market, during the era in which the novel is set. A major difference between the two men is ‘new money’ and ‘old money’, where Gatsby represents ‘new money’, but Daisy and Tom represent ‘old money

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405 words - 2 pages , twitter, Instagram. Sponsoring local events as well charities. People: employees are dressed well in uniforms which showcase the brand image. Special training programs provided to employees to understand about the corporate values to increase customer satisfaction. Bibliography (2018). boston pizza. Retrieved from .

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830 words - 4 pages , phone number, etc. might be stolen and misappropriated. In addition, cyber bullying is also one of the major crimes caused by the use of social media. Sometimes, cyber bullying feels more harmful to the victim compare to physical bullying. It will lead the victims having a certain point of mental stress, depression and anxious about communicating with others. The worst it might cause the victim attempts suicide. Social media is now an essential

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506 words - 3 pages ​ ​sentence and​ ​then​ ​all​ ​of​ ​a​ ​sudden​ ​they​ ​decide​ ​that​ ​what​ ​they’re​ ​about​ ​to​ ​say​ ​is​ ​more​ ​important​ ​than​ ​whatever​ ​you’re​ ​talking about​ ​so​ ​they​ ​cut​ ​you​ ​off​ ​and​ ​start​ ​talking​ ​about​ ​their​ ​own​ ​thing​ ​which​ ​is​ ​usually​ ​something​ ​totally​ ​random​ ​and​ ​not important.​ ​I’m​ ​pretty​ ​sure​ ​that​ ​no​ ​one​ ​cares​ ​that​ ​it’s​ ​your​ ​friend’s​ ​cat’s​ ​half​ ​birthday​ ​so​ ​let

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868 words - 4 pages Evaluate each expression when y = 6. 1. 7 – y = 2. y – 3 = 3. 6 + y = 4. y + 2 = 5. y – 2 = 6. y – 1 = 7. 7 + y = 8. y + 8 = 9. 3 + y = 10. y + 4 = Evaluate each expression when y = 4. 11. y + 5 = 12. y – 7 = 13. 2 – y = 14. 7 – y = 15. 9 – y = 16. y + 6 = 17. 6 – y = 18. y – 5 = 19. y + 4 = 20. y + 9 = Evaluate each expression when y = 8. 21. y + 5 = 22. y – 8 = 23. 2 – y = 24. 6 – y = 25. y – 1 = 26. y – 9 = 27. 4 + y = 28. 1 + y = 29. 9 – y

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1618 words - 7 pages Free protocol used by AV gear, primarily in the home automation market. RS-232 control is a wired protocol that is loved by custom integrators because the locking connectors rarely fall out and the connections are fast and robust. Behind of a Home automation Rack: Panels Cables So, What Does the Future of Home Automation Look Like? You can’t talk about the future of home automation without mentioning the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s the catch-all