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Report Of Mannings In China

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GE2209 Marketing Development in ChinaSemester A (2013/2014)Mannings China's Marketing PlanCourse Leader: Dr. Daniel Z. DingGroup leader:Chung Wai Hing, Stella 53093902Group member:Chau Man Chi, Eva 53093190 Tang Tin Yan, Tina 53566224 Leung Hoi Yan, Aliya 53572532 Law Pui Ying, Christy 53554526Date of Submission: 07/12/2013Executive SummaryMannings China is a health and beauty retailer which offering health & beauty products and professional services. It has expanded operations into China for a decade, but still is not recognized by Chinese customers. Its position in China just likes another Watsons and has a long time suppressed by Watsons. This marketing plan aims to analyze the ...view middle of the document...

For promotion, Mannings can extend promotion to multi-channel such as TV, social media and mobile applications so as to reach more customers; promoting sales discount regularly to attract new customers and widen the customer base; enhancing public and customer relationship to gain good repuation by increasing two-way communication; and lastly, utilitizing the word-of-mouth effect by providing more professional products and services.To conclude, implementing new marketing mix aims at increasing the sales of Mannings, so as to increase the market share and become one of the market leader in China.BackgroundMannings is a renowned brand in Hong Kong. It is a health & beauty retailer offering comprehensive range of health and beauty products and professional services such as patient-care counseling and dispensary services. In 2004, it expands operations into China. In 2013, it has more than 200 stores over 30 cities.Mannings China provides wide range of products including pharmacies, healthcare, personal care, skin care and baby care and some snacks. It has also an international development team to develop its own brand to builds its brandings. It takes care of different demands and age groups of consumer. Mannings China provides professional services including pharmacy, dietetic and beauty advisors services to provide professional health, dietary and beauty advice responding to customers' needs.The vision of Mannings China is to be the No.1 professional health and beauty corporation delighting customers always. Its mission is to offer the consumers the best Health and Beauty Care and lead the trend and the industry in taking care of the well-being of society and people that fits the image of the company, a sunflower, always facing the sun, longing to health and beauty.Market AnalysisMarket SituationThe market of healthcare products all over the world has reached USD$1500 billion, which Europe takes up 37% of the market, and China in a minor 7%.The expenditure of Chinese people on pharmacy rises from HKD$2 billion in 1982 to HKD$460 billion in 2002 . So, it is expected to grow in China for further expansion of the bio-pharmacy and healthcare industry.Pest AnalysisPolitical FactorsThe development priorities of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) - bio-pharmacy, - will bring benefits to Chinese people." ("十二五"規劃綱要(全文), n.d.) In the next five years, the latest innovations in biotechnology should be relied on to guarantee domestic standards are met for nutrition, hygiene, healthcare, food and drug safety and disease diagnosis and prevention. With China's government frequently demonstrates its dedication to social issues by proclaiming seizures and arrests, it facilitates the growth of quality pharmacy products, such as the products provided by Mannings.Economic FactorsAlong with China's continuous economic growth, the general public's living standard and purchasing power have...

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