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Reports On Childrens Television

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"The Monkey's Paw" In the story the "Monkey's Paw," by W.W Jacobs, there was a man by the name of Mr. White. Now he had a son and a wife who loved him dearly. One day he had an old friend to visit, who just happened to be a sergeant in the military. When he came to visit the family on a dark and cold night. When he came he always brought the family a present. Since, he traveled a lot he always brought back some of the oddest gifts anyone has ever seen in there life. On this odd and cold day he brought a monkey's paw that had a curse on it. In this curse it allowed you to have three wishes. These wishes were granted as a coincidence everyone said.When the sergeant showed Mr. White the monkey's paw he had to have it. But, like a good friend that the sergeant said no. Mr. White did not know how dangerous the monkey's paw actually was. But, Mr. White just kept persisting and finally the sergeant broke and sold him the ...view middle of the document...

When Mrs. White asked him if he was okay and was he in pain. The man said he has no more pain and at that moment they knew that there son had been killed. Then he told them that the company was very sorry and was going to give them money for their troubles that they had been through. They had asked the man how much and he replied, two hundred pounds. They knew at that moment that this was not a coincidence. They knew that the monkey's paw had done this evil and dastardly thing to them.They were devastated about what had happened to their only son. As the time past, Mrs. White was becoming more and more lonely. She was the one that took the biggest impact about her son's death. One night she could not sleep and kept thinking about how cold her son was out there in that cold and dark coffin that he laid to rest in.Then she came to remember that they still had two wishes left on the monkey's paw.She ran to Mr. White and told him that they still had two wishes left that they could use to bring her son back to life again. He told her no, that would not be right, the results would be a mangled body that would not even look like there son.She still persisted and wanted her son back and begged her husband to wish for her son alive again. He finally gave into her and went to fetch the paw that had been put away because of its evil power that it had inflicted on the White family. When he wished for his son alive again nothing had happened instantly. But, in a few minutes they heard a knocking at the door. He told his wife not to answer the door because it would be so horrible. But, she loved her son too much that she had to see her son. As she was trying to let her son in, Mr. White ran upstairs to get the paw and use his last wish to have his son be put into the grave for all eternity. As she finally got the door open her son was gone. She was heart broken that her son was not there to greet her at the door. All that she wanted was to see her son, but she did not realize what the sight would be. Some people call the paw a coincidence and some people actually think that it has powers. It is your decision to decide.

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