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Derartu Ansha
CHIC 1102
Randy Rodriguez
27 Nov 2018
Effects of Representation
Authors Habell-Pallán and Romero construct various articles that explore how American
popular culture has been defining “Latino” and “Latina.” Essayist examines representations of
Latinx in a variety of genres — media, culture, music, film, theatre, art, and sports — that are
emerging across the nation in relation to various Latinx groups. They argue against a rigid notion
of Latinos/as since the Latinx community is largely diverse in terms of race, class, language,
nationality, place of origin, citizenship, and geography. Whether in sports or music Latinx has
consistently been defined as one group, categorized as one nationality, misjudged,
misrepresented or unrepresented. When a group is distorted or unrepresented it affects how they
are understood in their ordinary life. Many Latinos/as have been able to challenge, and redefine
the concept of representation everytime they use their platform to spread the word. The Sports
section challenges the notion of a Black and White world by giving the spotlight to Latinos in
Major League Baseball. The Music section challenges the idea of America as the savior in
immigrant stories. The film Latinos Beyond Reel: Challenging a Media Stereotypes focuses on
the depiction of Latinos in American mainstream media, and the damages it has on the real
When the topic of Immigration is discussed, American mainstream media portrays it as
damaging to the American culture. We are taught the glorified version of American history
Derartu Ansha
Derartu Ansha
Derartu Ansha
where America pretends to be the savior in the stories of immigrants from Central America.
Musician Ruben Blades challenges the savior narrative when it comes to immigration and
Central America through his music. “Throughout his work, Blades has produced a critique of
U.S. intervention in Central America and has advocated in favor of hemispheric solidarity with
Central Americans”(Habell-Pallán & Romero, 90). Through his platform Blades eliminates the
notion many have about Central America and the immigrants from there. In his music Blades
portrays neocolonial, imperialist and neoliberal forces in the isthmus as the cause of mass
migration, devastation, and turmoil in Central America. Similar to Blades Tijuana NO!, a
U.S.-Mexico border band performs resistance music. Tijuana NO! represents Latinx using their
influence to portray realistic images of Latinx people and their land. “They demand the
reconquest of Mexican land “stolen at gunpoint” by the United States after the U.S.-Mexico war
ended in 1848 with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”(Habell-Pallán & Romero,
105). When American history is glorified we do not get to experience realistic history, we do not
learn about the Latinx whos border crossed them, whose land was taken. We do not see Latinx in
mass media and in our history books being sensibly depicted, and without those representations,

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