Reseach On A Community Middle School Anthropology Class Field Research Paper

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I. Community Setting
Prospect Park is a township which is located closely to the city Paterson in our beloved state of New Jersey. Recently I've had the privilege of visiting prospect park, and according to the official United States Census, there are around 6,000 people, 1,500 families, and 1,800 households. The prospect park community is filled with white, Arabic, African American and Hispanic people among others and only have one middle school called Prospect Park School #1. This community keeps its streets clean and follows a quiet life until it is time for dismissal in school #1. The law is followed to the remaining feet of the stop sign which you are able to park your vehicle close to, and lots of police are always there to assist. People also have a curfew that limits the alcoholic drinking
and can be very harsh if violated while in Prospect Park.
II. Neighborhood Setting
The surrounding neighborhoods which are Paterson, Haledon, and Wayne are more active in terms of people and vehicles. New Jersey Transit provides local bus service only for routes 722, 744 around prospect park and there are usually more heavy trucks which slow down people that are trying to reach their destination. More people overall are seen in the streets around these places since the crime rate is significantly higher especially in Paterson which is one bridge away.
III. School building Setting
The school building offers education to students from PreK to 8th grade which is normal among most public schools in new jersey. This school focuses more on the safety of students by having bullet proof glass and acts as a public library since one does not exists nearby. The school celebrates Christian and Muslim holidays but not Jewish since there is currently no student within the school. The students are required to wear uniforms which helps low-income parents, and the school requires proof of address or verification which confirms if students really live or belong to Prospect Park School #1. Out of all the students within the school, about 16% of the students have some kind of disability which will most likely impact their learning experience and 63% percent of the students are economically disadvantaged. These students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch or other public assistance meaning their family in their household income is below average compared to other students. ...


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