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Kalvin 1
Kalvin Cabrera
Mrs. McGuire
English 10
17 April 2018
Breaking down on the corruption in the DRC
More than 4.1 million people have been forced out of their homes and there have
been 45 mass graves in the Kasai region. The country of the Democratic Republic of
Congo is being faced with major atrocities and corruption which must be handled with
the assistance of the United Nations. The groups involved in these atrocities are the
Bana Mura militia, the country’s government and president, and other militia groups.
This conflict started in 1994 with the massive refugee crisis and spillover from the
Rwandan genocide, and the neighbouring countries have struggled to maintain peace
because of the rebel groups that condone violence in order to find their way of peace
and liberty. The UN must help the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo that is
being forced out of their homes, being murdered by militia and are living with the
corruption of the country.
The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are facing displacement from
their homes due to the never-ending conflict in Congo. The people of Congo live in fear
of rogue militia fighting for territory and also by the mass killings. BBC News reported
that, the International Displacement Monitoring, center, said,“that an average of 5,500
Kalvin 2
people fled from their homes every day this year, the reasons include new armed
conflicts, a rise in existing in existing conflicts an the delay in holding elections”(DR
Congo displacement crisis’ worse that the middle east). This shows that the number of
people being displaced is not decreasing but increasing due to a lawlessness
government. This affects them greatly because without a government presence these
people are allowed to die and those who don’t die end up in a neighbouring country that
doesn’t have the resources to accommodate so many displaced DRC citizens. The UN
must step in and help because the masses will continue to die from starvation and mass
killings because of the lack of supplies getting to them. Millions of people are being
displaced from their homes and are starving to death from a lack of supplies considering
the number of people there is and the severe lack of assistance is getting to them,
Reliefweb international address the problem saying, “Across the country, more than 8.5
million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, a figure that’s expected to
increase to 13.1 million in 2018. More than 4.1 million Congolese are now displaced,
with 620,000 seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Over 7.5 million people do not
have enough food to eat, an increase of 30 percent over 12 months” This quote
demonstrates that assistance is needed on the bases that the displacement will
continue to increase if no assistance is given considering the mass amount of people
being driven out of their homes. This will continue to affect the country as a whole
because the economy will be destroyed as so many people live in fear...

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