Research Information Assessment - Cibt - Assignment

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Analyse and present research information
Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Research objectives 1
Legislation 1
Company policy and procedures 1
Online sources 1
Provide evidence for the investigation 1
Gathered information for problem analysis, interpretation and dissemination 1
Used a range of business technology to gather, collate and analyse information 1
Modified, maintained or stored the information that is relevant to the 1
Kerry Logistics is Asia’s premier logistics service provider. We offer end-to-end supply chain solutions for multinational corporations and international brands – from sourcing and manufacturing, to selling across the globe.
With head offices in Hong Kong, we employ a far-reaching global network that stretches across six continents, and includes the largest distribution network and hub operations in the Greater China and ASEAN region.
I am working as his assistant. In this report i will recommend which computer to buy for the company
Research objectives
Finding the suitable computer using in the Kerry office to get the effective in job and time
IT security
Company policy and procedures
As Asia’s premier logistics service provider, we are deeply vested in your success in both the region and the larger global market.
We understand the uniqueness of the Asian market and the complexity of global supply chains.
Our expertise extends beyond the mechanics of logistics into diverse business and cultural considerations that effect seamless movement of cargo.
When you partner with Kerry Logistics, you partner with a powerful network designed to help successfully drive your business at the global, regional and local level.
We are committed to creating real value for our stakeholders through innovative solutions, sustainable results and long-term growth.
Online sources
Competitor website
The retail website
Provide evidence for the investigation
Research on your book and samples in dropbox
Competition analyse
This section is compare the service and the price of service between Kerry express and Australian post. Stranght and weakness of them.
Australian post
International post
By air: estimated 5-7 business days
By sea: estimated 15+ business days
- delivery to door
• Estimated 4-6 business days between major metro areas
• Tracking and signature on delivery3 included delivery to door
By air: estimated 10+ business days1
By sea: estimated 30+ business days1
· Estimated 6+ business days1
· Tracking included2
· Estimated 2 to 4 business days between major metro areas1
· Tracking2 and signature on delivery3 included
Price international parcel
By air; start from $25 by weight
By sea; 1-5 kg – 10$/ kg
Start from $35 by weight
Start from $40
Start from $45
Gathered information for problem analysis, interpretation and dissemination
Research requirement

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