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Content Description of research division at investment banks Percentage of employees force under the research division at the firm Major research area focus on equities, fixed income, futures and etc Other areas of research that the firms focus on in investment strategy and economic The importance of research function The meaning of the concept research Who is an investment analyst? Responsibilities or functions of an investment analyst Necessary Skills for successful analysts What an industry's average data tells an analyst about a firm? Discussion of the quality and independence of research What does the quality and independence of research mean? How is a high quality and independe ...view middle of the document...

Research departments' analysts, strategists and economists strive to provide insights based on original research, close relationships with clients and integrity. According to Merrill Lynch, it has about 900-research professional compared to the total of 60,000 employees.Equity research provides timely, in-depth analyses to enhance the performance of clients' global portfolios. Equity research analysts, strategists and economists compile economic, market, industry and company data to interpret and anticipate developments that will affect security values worldwide. From that data, they produce comprehensive, insightful studies for the firm's clients. The equity research division is organized as follows: Equity research analysts emphasize fundamental analysis "from the ground up." To achieve this, the Firm's research analysts assess the investment outlook for their respective industries and companies. They publish stand-alone reports on individual companies and industry reviews that explore short- and long-term business trends and developments. Their opinions are disseminated in a timely manner through daily meetings and intranet-distributed reports that update sales force and, ultimately, clients around the world. Equity Research is organized along sector lines (Technology, Healthcare, Retail, etc.) and regions among sector groups and to help analysts determine trends in their overall broad economic sector. Responsibilities include: § Analyzing specific companies and industries; § Developing investment ideas and strategies that are used by clients in structuring and managing investment portfolios; § Providing data and analysis on interest rates, currencies, political events and other developments that affect economic conditions; § Disseminating marketing investment data, opinions and strategy to the firm's sales and trading professionals and to clients through publications, electronic delivery systems, investor meetings and telephone contact.The Fixed Income Research team helps clients maximize their investment opportunities through the provision of leading strategic quantitative and qualitative insights in debt instrument. Fixed Income provides a full range of research focusing on the following areas: · Investment Grade Debt (U.S. domestic, international and sovereign) · Corporate & Portfolio Strategy · Derivatives · Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and Asset Backed Securities Both high yield corporate and sovereign research focus on non-investment grade debt of domestic and international corporations and sovereign debt of emerging market countries. The integrated global research team includes locally based analysts in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. This area is dominated by corporate and sovereign research analysts who are experts in complex high yield securities issued for sovereigns as well as start-up, distressed and mature companies, across all industries and countries. In t...


A Comparison Of Canada's Branch Banking System To The Unit Banking System Of The United States

2976 words - 12 pages conduct research on how to improve their system. They can employhighly skilled economists, accountants, and auditors who can find ways of saving the bankmoney and make it more efficient. This can result in better mortgage and savings accountrates for the customers of the bank. And with only a few banks targeting many customers,these banks become very competitive just to keep their customer base. For example, INGDirect has recently opened up a new

Federal Reserve System Essay

1052 words - 5 pages FRB's.The Fed operates more independently of the President and Congress than do typical government agencies. A President appoints only two Fed governors during a four-year period unless additional governors resign or die. The Fed gets no funding from Congress. It raises all its operating expenses from investment income and fees for its services. It pays no interest to banks on cash reserves banks keep at the Fed. The Fed reports to Congress about its

Financial Liberalization Paper

8415 words - 34 pages Free relationship between private investment and real interest rate. This study has reviewed some major issues in interest rate reform and financial liberalization. The approach to interest rate policy and financial sector liberalization generally should take into account the initial state of the economy. Financial intermediation can affect economic growth by acting on the saving rate. The research found out that financial services stimulate savings

Deregulation was the main cause of the 2008 financial crisis. - UCC, banking law - essay

1933 words - 8 pages higher than normal rate in the late 2007, and on September 15,2008, one of the biggest investment banks in the world, failed, Lehman Brothers (, 2018). Financial innovations and deregulation during the “Great Moderation” allowed bankers the opportunity to increase their return on investment with the use of various mechanisms. The purpose of this essay is to explore the causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis and support

Financial Regulators Of Australia And All About Interest Rates

513 words - 3 pages -taking institutions) e.g. banks, credit unions Functions of APRA: Ensuring institutions meet their obligations A recovery role for those who don't/can'tAustralian Securities and Investments Commission - market integrity and consumer protection of the financial system Role and Functions of ASIC: To protect consumers Monitoring, investigating and prosecuting in relation to illegal acts and unethical investment

Investor Psychology Essay

5219 words - 21 pages savings banks, and credit unions. Deposits may be again classified intoSavings Deposit: This is the type of investment for which an investor schedules his deposit which he if free to withdraw according to his needs. The savings deposit in India currently yields many benefits to the investor.Fixed Deposit: These are the types of investment which are interval in nature and cannot be withdrawn periodically. Thus a investor can safely invest his money

How bitcoin affects global economy? - DMU 1st year undergraduate - Report

2349 words - 10 pages regulations related to virtual money. According to Eric Lam, an author of “What the World’s Central Banks are saying about bitcoin?” The USA have no regulations over Bitcoin (Lam, E., 2018). However, the research The use of Bitcoin in light of the financial crisis: the case of Greece by Zamani, E. and Babatsikos, I., claims that New York Federal court said that they accept the Bitcoin as a legal currency, because people can use it to make

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481 words - 2 pages zone”. Corruption is one of the main culprits to poverty. We still see corruption in our governments, banks, and corporations that rather value power and profit instead of people. The top 1% control our policies that suppress the poor by giving advantages to banks and corporations. Banks are credit creators. Nations access this credit which creates the debt money that will be owed back to the bank. Attached to this debt money is compounded

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593 words - 3 pages Kelli Bauman MBA 604: Global Economy March 12th, 2019 Italy’s low productivity growth, weak banks, and high yield rates of Italian bonds have all contributed to the budget crisis. Low productivity growth is a by-product of Italy’s risk averse government, cumbersome rules, and long court cases, which cause public investment to remain unspent. The biggest obstacle to economic growth in Italy is low labor participation, specifically among the

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765 words - 4 pages Banks and other non bank financial institutions have an important effect on the performance of the economy because they are the one to make the financial markets work. Without them, financial markets would not be able to move funds from people who save to people who have productive investment opportunities.Banks and nonbanks are almost similar since they both act as an intermediary providing services to their customers. But they are also

The Financing Of TVEs (Small And Medium Enterprises) In China

2263 words - 10 pages to be a serious constraint ,they relied heavily on self-financing for both start-up and expansion. more than 90 percent of their initial capital came from the principal owners, the start-up teams, and their families. Among external funding sources ,in formal channels ,credit unions, and commercial banks were about equally represented. Outside equity, including public equity, and public debt markets played an insignificant role. additionally

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2326 words - 10 pages two or more parties (at least one of them a business entity), originating from different nations, who are attempting to define or redefine the terms of their interdependence in a business matter (Weiss 1993:270). Notice the emphasis on the type of actor and subject of negotiation. This understanding includes negotiations between multinational enterprises (MNEs) and host governments over foreign direct investment. At the same time, it differs from

Strategic Leadership

3463 words - 14 pages -backed commercial paper, investment banks and other entities in the shadow banking system could not provide funds to mortgage firms and other corporations.' According to the latest research, during one week of September 2008, the withdrawal from money markets was $144.5 billion, versus $7.1 billion the week prior. This interrupted the ability of those corporations to replace their short-term debt (Anonymous 2010B).People use TED Spread to

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5526 words - 23 pages Free frictionless processes and products 16 5.1. Opportunities to reduce friction in the mortgage process 16 5.2. Frictionless saving and investment 18 6. Conclusion: achieving Fintech 2.0 together 19 Contents 4 Over the last decade, however, a new source of innovation in financial services has emerged from financial technology start-ups (“fintechs”) and technology companies (“techos”). These new firms have been quicker than banks to take advantage of

Circular Flow Of Income

1686 words - 7 pages Firms) Financial Institutions (e.g Banks & Building Societies) Governments International Flows Individuals Individuals supply factors of production such as labour and enterprise to businesses, who use these to produce goods and services. As a reward for supplying resources individuals receive income in the form of rent, wages, interest and profit. An individual's income can go either to consumption of locally produced