Research Paper On Orthopedic Surgeons

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The ability to move provides opportunities, autonomy possibilities, and lifetime experiences. Due to
the lack of mobility, one might feel frustrated. But there is a special kind of surgeon that can help restore
function or give a function for the first time and the type of surgeon who can do this is an orthopedic
surgeon. To become an orthopedic surgeon will take over a decade and many years of education.
Orthopedic surgeons are medical doctors who specialize in treating the musculoskeletal
system(Orthopedic surgeon). Orthopedic surgeons try other methods first for example pain medication
and rehabilitation before deciding on surgery. Orthopedic surgeons treat broken bones and replace painful
joints. Orthopedics might suggest other options besides surgery if it's not necessary. However if surgery is
needed orthopedics will prep the patient before surgery and after the anesthesia has taken effect the
surgeon will cut open the area and before anything is done the bone will be put back in place, Then to
securely fix your bones in place a combination of metal wires, pins, screws, rods, and plates will be used .
They are made of stainless steel or titanium that are designed to work with the body. In the end, the
surgeon closes the skin with stitches or staples.

The first college is The University of California- Los Angeles. It is a four-year college located in Los
Angeles, California( The tuition for one year is $65,545. The room and meals are $16,625,
books and supplies are $1,464, Transportation is $441, Personal is $1,506, health insurance is $2,516, and
nonresident supplemental tuition is $29,754(UCLA) California Northstate University is the second
college. It is located in Elk Grove, California. It is a six-year college program two-year undergraduate +
Four years of MD. The tuition for one year is $45,925, The lab fee is $500, Student Association and
activity fee is $200, Technology fee $50, orientation fee is $75, the enrollment fee is $100. The program
consists of two-year undergraduate + Four years of MD(two summer terms required).

After an orthopedic surgeon gets there bachelor's degree and finishes there 4 years of medical school the
next step is to complete the orthopedic residency. The University of New Mexico is the primary teaching
hospital for the university's School of Medicine(The University of New Mexico). The University is
located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Residents are given a minimum salary and many benefits. After
completing residency an orthopedic has to complete one to two years of fellowship which the Mayo
Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is a great place to complete it in. And after fellowship Mayo Clinic is a
great place to officially be a certified orthopedic surgeon it was ranked number one in the country.
In addition to the bachelor's degree, an orthopedic surgeon must complete an additional 4 years of
medical school. After medical school, four to f...

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