Research Proposal On The Relationship Between Employees’ Sleep And Corporate Performance Research Methods In Economics Assignment

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The relationship between employees’ sleep and corporate performance in information technology industry
1. Background/Introduction
Sleep can affect attention, memory and cognitive ability and that are the elements of the
workplace. However, there is no clear evidence showing that sleep can effect on corporate
performance. This research aims to study on the three factors of sleep which include sleep
quality, length of sleep, and insomnia, and then focus on how they influence on corporate
2. Literature review
In the book of Encyclopedia of Human Behaviour, it mentioned that waking cognitions,
emotions, and performance could be influenced by quantity, quality and timing of sleep (Cote,2012). And it also claimed that the possibility of performance failure and accident will increase with the increasing sleep loss. The failure and accident could inflect employees’ individual performance, but the research did not have a further study on how could individual performance effect on corporate performance. A research launched an experiment to see the daytime performance of nurses under the different sleeping environment (Rahman, Shapiro, Wang, andetc.2013). Park and Sprung (2013) pointed out there is a negative relation between sleep quality and fatigue in student workers with low recovery self-efficacy. Pronk and Kottke (2009) noted that physical activity promotion could improve employees’ health and thus improve the business performance. However, in their research, they did not notice how sleep could influence people’s state and health in daytime.
3. Research question and objectives
The previous literature showed a growing number of researchers pay attention to people’s sleep since they suppose sleep can influence the daytime performance of workers. However, there is no clear evidence show there is an apparent relationship between employee’s sleep and corporate performance. This research will provide an overview of employee’s sleep quality, length of sleep, and insomnia, which are the main elements of constructing efficient sleep. In addition, the research has an important objective which is to investigate the relationship between sleep quality, length of sleep, insomnia, and corporate...

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