Research Question: Privacy And Surveillance To Young People Using Social Media? Deakin Uni, Communication Research Practices Research Paper

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Reece Luehman ID: 216233374 ACC303
Research Question: How much of concern is privacy and surveillance to young people using social media?
  H1: Tertiary educated university students (IV) have a high awareness (DV) of personal privacy and/or surveillance and will take steps to guard it on Social Media.
 H0: Tertiary educated university students (IV) have a low awareness (DV) of personal privacy and/or surveillance and take minimal steps to guard it on Social Media.
This article is centred around the ever-increasing important issue of privacy and surveillance in modern day society. Throughout this article I will be analysing and investigating the data and information collected via both hard copy and emailed surveys completed by young fellow members of the ACC303 unit to explore my research question and hypothesis. The Issue of privacy and surveillance is becoming a more and more prevalent problem with modern day social media use. Companies continue to push further into the grey area regarding ethical and legal boundaries of their platform’s social media users. With the unit of Communication Research Practices focusing heavily on the topics of privacy and surveillance, the data collected from the students of this unit will be that of above average knowledge in these targeted areas. The three tables and figures included throughout this article have been derived from the raw data collected from the previously mentioned surveys. My Research focuses on young people and their concern of privacy and surveillance when using social media. Through examination of the collected data, the results that I found showed that Tertiary educated university students have a low awareness of personal privacy and surveillance and take minimal steps to guard it on Social Media.
Literature review / Body
The current generation consumes and interacts with social media on a constant 24/7 basis with little to no regard for their own privacy or to what extent of surveillance. My articles argument is that young Deakin university students are not mindful of their own personal privacy or surveillance and make little to no attempt to protect either whilst using and participating in various social media platforms.
Privacy has been described by Schement and Curtis (1995) as “security against intrusion by government.” However, a more apt description that encompassed a wider scope would be that it refers to a person’s capacity to regulate access to information about them and to have freedom from, or limitations on, scrutiny, surveillance, or interference (Margulis 2003). A study done by The University of Newcastle of students aged between 18 to 35 documented numerous students admiting to being generally unaware of the level of surveillance that sharing in Facebook enables, or the specific strategies that could be employed to limit exposure. This surveillance that is enabled by social media use is best described as any focused attention to personal details for the purpo...


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