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If I have learned anything in the duration of this class, it is that proactivity is a key skill to success. The idea of being "proactive" means to do "more than merely taking initiative". It means that "we, as human beings are responsible for our own lives" (Covey 70). It is defined on principles of responsibility, freedom to choose, and determination. Internalizing the habit of being proactive has helped me achieve more academically, socially, and in a working environment.To internalize something means to "take it in and make it an integral part of the attitudes and beliefs that guide your behavior" ( Being proactive is import ...view middle of the document...

I didn't think of the future when my parents told me that they had wanted to move to Virginia, nor what I was going to do once I had graduated College… or if I would even graduate. I would allow my sister to goad me into bad moods every other day, and even allow my parents to put me down and depress me from time to time. It took me a while to realize that I could overcome that.Since then, I have personally internalized the habit of being proactive in every aspect of my life. In my social life, I have realized that not everything that a friend may or may not do will affect the way my outlook should or will be on that subject or person. In my family, I have been proactive in planning events and outing with them after learning that my dad was moving to Virginia in January. I have, since teaching myself to become more proactive, quit my dead-end job at the town drugstore, and have begun getting certified and recertified in bartending, life guarding, and searching for jobs at EMC and Fidelity Investments. I have bought my own car, begun making payments on car insurance, and moved into my own apartment.In the future, I hope to be as proactive as I am at the moment, and find a well paying job that offers a career in the future. I won't allow menial things that my sister or boyfriend say or do bother me. I will spend less money, and create an income for myself, and begin to think about where I would like to be five or ten months or even years from now.Hamilton, Morgan. "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." 19 April


Animal Farm Essay on how effective the use of Propaganda is - Richview, ENG1D3 - Essay

1059 words - 5 pages Free By: Pooja Samaraweera ENG-1D3: Animal Farm Essay In Animal Farm, propaganda is an important tool by which Napoleon holds or enhances his power. Choose three important examples of the use of propaganda in the novel, and show how it is an effective means by which those in power stay in power Being in charge can make a person feel powerful, strong, and important to others. But with those feelings, it can drive a person to become paranoid to lose

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682 words - 3 pages Sloane Kratzman Week 15 Reading Response In this week’s reading response on the trials of our times, I kept considering the point brought up in last week’s section about the relationship between trials and history and how the remembrance of trials become distorted over time. While we specifically talked about the trials before our generation was alive, this idea is also applicable to the trials that have occurred in the past fifteen years. These

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736 words - 3 pages White King, Red Rubber, Black Death The events of the Congo Free State bear a striking similarity to another major genocide of the twentieth century: the Holocaust. Both are very influential events in our history that we can learn a lot from in order to prevent another tragedy from happening. On the surface, they seem like very different things: a European king exploiting the people of an African country for resources versus the leader of

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1511 words - 7 pages antipersonnel and anticrop weapons in South Vietnam not only to spare civilian suffering but also to prevent a “chemical and biological arms race” throughout the world. White House sources declined to comment on the protest, which has been supported by the Council of the Federation of American Scientists and distributed to thousands of members for their signatures and support” (Welles 10). The scientists were not only afraid of the terrible health

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458 words - 2 pages toilet! In the case that someone has an open cold sore on their butt and uses the toilet and another person comes along and uses the toilet they have the chance of getting herpes. Herpes can infect a person also through anal sex that is why it’s best to use condoms when practicing anal sex. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Side effect of herpes Herpes can make life very difficult for the person who is infected especially since many people

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2124 words - 9 pages RACE/ETHNICITY 6 Discuss how race/ethnic identity impacts on career strategies and experiences of BME people in the UK labour market. In recent years, most countries and their governments have been contemplating and enforcing policies and strategies that aim at tackling race/ethnicity and gender-based discriminations in the labour markets. Up to date, most people still hold the belief that education is the key to life success. Indeed, pundits

Affect of courage on the discovery of oneself in The Matrix - Henry wisewood ELA 10-1 - Critical/ analytical response to text

1192 words - 5 pages Free rebel to prevent him from gaining power. Many people from the barber’s faction saw the captain enter the shop, and therefore his objective is to kill Torrez as, “An enemy under one’s roof imposes certain conditions,”(2.23) and he will otherwise suffer the consequences. While the barber gives Torrez a shave, he starts to juggle between his morals and ethics, wondering which is more important to him. His point of view starts to change when he

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562 words - 3 pages I sit quietly in the woods, my back leaning up against the rough bark of the cottonwood tree. I can feel each groove and track running through the bark. Underneath me I can feel the planks of the the wooden platform I sit on. There is a breeze stirring through the barren branches of the forest around me. The rope suspended thirty feet in the air by a steel wire sways back and forth as if pushed by an invisible hand. The rope seems to call to me

The Vikings In The Middle Ages. Thesis: The Invasions Of The Vikings Into England Throughout The 8th, 9th, And 10th Centuries Had A Great Impact On The People And History Of That Time

1107 words - 5 pages " (Millett 1). Naturally these invasions had drastic negative affects on the people who were victimized. The Vikings who invaded England and Europe were from Norway and Denmark (Ritchie 3). "Nowhere was safe from the Vikings" (Ritchie 2), especially England. The invasions of the Vikings into England throughout the 8th, 9th, and 10th centuries had a great impact on the people and history of that time.The first recorded Viking raid on Britain was a

This piece gives a description of Brown's views on slavery and it focuses on the mourning of a slave woman, of his piece. It states my point of view on the matter

478 words - 2 pages Narrative of William W. Brown, A Fugitive SlaveWilliam W. Brown, the author, describes the life of a slave in his narrative. Along with the narrative, there is a song that is representative of the slave woman's mourning. It really affected him to see this woman go through so much pain and suffering, and be told she cannot keep her child. In this piece, with the use of the song, Brown is able to provide the reader with a more vivid image of what

Short Response On "The Story Of An Hour" By Kate Chopin

443 words - 2 pages world, yet she gives up on life once she realizes the truth.I find it interesting that her first name is only told to us after she hears of her husband's death. Previous to her knowledge of her husband's death, she is known as Mrs. Mallard or "she." While it seems very normal for a wife to assume her husband's name in marriage, she may have felt that she became his property due to his demeanor. The woman is aware of her loss of self, and the

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594 words - 3 pages Dionysus were the main artistic deities of the Greeks, and that they were held in almost perpetual strife. Nietzsche gives no evidence for his claim that Apollo and Dionysus were on either side of the artistic spectrum, he just more or less states that “fact” and assumes the reader believes it’s true, and moves on with his argument. Additionally, nor does he ever discuss the main artistic models for the Greeks: the Muses. While Apollo was associated

for anyone love me and I love you too - lany - essay

900 words - 4 pages and weaknesses. 9 9. Forces out of my control (such as poor teaching) are the cause of low grades I receive in school. 5 10. I place great value on getting my college degree. 10 11. I don’t need to write things down because I can remember what I need to do. 7 12. I have a network of people in my life that I can count on for help. 5 13. If I have habits that hinder my success, I’m not sure what are they. 5 14. When I don’t like the way an

Adolescent Voice and Vocal Hygiene - Balmoral State High School/Music Extension - Research Paper

2418 words - 10 pages their habits and ‘technique’. Rather, young singers should work on building their technical toolkit to develop their own unique voice. Enter music education. Music education must insist on forming healthy hygiene habits within their students. They must help students become self-aware of the need to warmup the voice, rest the voice and hydrate the voice as well as the need to stay up to date with what is entering their bodies. Music educators must

Chopin Romantic Era Composer Paper - Music Appreciation - Homework Assignment

750 words - 3 pages different piece of music that your favorite composer created and past the link into your discussion response.   Tell me when the piece was written, and what ensemble is performing on the video. The piece that I was blown away by was Chopin’s Etude Op.10 No.5 known as Black Keys. This short musical composition is for one instrument, the piano, and is made to exercise a technique along with demonstrating the