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Response Piece On 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

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If I have learned anything in the duration of this class, it is that proactivity is a key skill to success. The idea of being "proactive" means to do "more than merely taking initiative". It means that "we, as human beings are responsible for our own lives" (Covey 70). It is defined on principles of responsibility, freedom to choose, and determination. Internalizing the habit of being proactive has helped me achieve more academically, socially, and in a working environment.To internalize something means to "take it in and make it an integral part of the attitudes and beliefs that guide your behavior" ( Being proactive is important ...view middle of the document...

I didn't think of the future when my parents told me that they had wanted to move to Virginia, nor what I was going to do once I had graduated College… or if I would even graduate. I would allow my sister to goad me into bad moods every other day, and even allow my parents to put me down and depress me from time to time. It took me a while to realize that I could overcome that.Since then, I have personally internalized the habit of being proactive in every aspect of my life. In my social life, I have realized that not everything that a friend may or may not do will affect the way my outlook should or will be on that subject or person. In my family, I have been proactive in planning events and outing with them after learning that my dad was moving to Virginia in January. I have, since teaching myself to become more proactive, quit my dead-end job at the town drugstore, and have begun getting certified and recertified in bartending, life guarding, and searching for jobs at EMC and Fidelity Investments. I have bought my own car, begun making payments on car insurance, and moved into my own apartment.In the future, I hope to be as proactive as I am at the moment, and find a well paying job that offers a career in the future. I won't allow menial things that my sister or boyfriend say or do bother me. I will spend less money, and create an income for myself, and begin to think about where I would like to be five or ten months or even years from now.Hamilton, Morgan. "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." 19 April

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