Assignment On Rewright Of Cold Mountain Ending

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Spirits of crows, dancing By the morning of the third day in the village the clouds broke open the clear sky, bright sun. The snow began to melt. The trees sent clumps of snow down to the ground and slatted like giant raindrops. That evening a full bright moon rose over the midnight sky and lit up the dark. The light poured through the windows and rested on the bed where Inman and Ada where whispering.They had spent all night talking about how they would go about their lives when they returned to the farm. Although they where straight forward and simple, they took a great deal of consideration for each one had its deadly effects. They had come up with that the war could not go on any lon ...view middle of the document...

-it would take at least 7 hours to get back home. Ruby said Ruby assumed that they would all go as a part But Inman declined and said that it was smarter to travel with less people from his experiences on his own. They decided that Ada and ruby would go now in the Morning and Inman and Stobrod would follow during noon. Ruby figured that it was the smartest way to go and agreed, ruby and Ada set fourth, Inman closed up the camp and propped Stobrod onto the horse, and then Inman and Stobrod disappeared into the woods once again. They both traveled at a steady pace and soon came down around the creak where Inman saw the salamander, and thought to him self that now he was off to find his nice rock to be shaded from the harshness of war. They came around the bend where the poplar stood, still stained with blood and damaged where the balls bounced off; Stobrod lifted his head up and cussed to himself as they pasted it. Inman was surprised how steadily they where going, along the mountain rocks and forest, Inman wondered if the girls traveled this fast and if they where going to catch up with them, Inman watched the trees sway in the wind and leaves being torn off their weak brown stems and pulled in the blue sky into the clouds. They came around a bend where their was a clearing and a tail up ahead, all of a sudden Inman heard horses and footsteps coming down the trail, Inman quickly grabbed the horse rings and crouched down on the wet grass, Stobrod quickly looked up at the men coming up.-"Teague" he said with was frightening sound to his voice,"that's a dangerous man" he said to Inman "and a hard one to kill at that".But Inman did not need Stobrod's advice, he knew who he was, he fought with him in Petersburg he was as ruthless and they come, and often burned down towns and killed farmers to feed his man, Inman knew that talking to him would be as good as shooting himself in the head. There where four men on the patrol and along with them a bloodhound, the hound sniffed the air as they walked past them and darted off toward Inman, he knew that avoiding a fight was not possible, he drew out his Lemat and cocked it on full cock. Inman slapped the horse with his hand and sent the horse running, at that same moment he fired two shots, one bullet Rick shaded off the dogs head and slammed into a nearby tree, the other flew straight into one of the guards chest and sent a cloud of blood on the mans face, the bullet struck the mans heart and he quickly let out a scream before he lay limp one the ground, the others where confused by what was going on and went around in circles to try and find where it was coming from, Inman flew out of the bushes and fi...


Reagan, Russia, and the cold war (Includes some citations)

491 words - 2 pages Reagan, Russia, and the cold war (Includes some citations)The cold war was a post-World War II struggle between the United States and itsallies and the group of nations led by the Soviet Union. Direct military conflict did notoccur between the two superpowers, but intense economic and diplomatic struggleserupted. Different interests led to mutual suspicion and hostility in a rising philosophy. The United States played a major role in the ending

The high life is a short story on the common module reading to write - Preliminary adv eng - short story

944 words - 4 pages The high life John Garrett and his childhood friends drove into the campsite that sat a few kilometres away from the looming ‘Mount Pine’ ready for their adventure. They stood in awe as the sun peaked over the horizon and the surrounding terrain was brought into sudden and sharp focus. The extensive lake below was of the bluest water, deep and cold. John gazed at the mountain shivering and afraid. The landscape of mountains wearing a cloak of

Explication on Adrienne Eberhard's “Distance” - English - Poetry Explication

1321 words - 6 pages , tectonic forces, the whole slew of geology sped up, so contour lines diminish and lakes freeze, ice thickening to a deep blue while those dark mountain peaks relinquish distance; and this long night will finish. Her writing is a thread to lure them back, their faces filled with snow light, dolerite, the itch of time alone, the cold breath of height. Face facts: the contours between here and there are shifting. Pack, and ask, what is the space

Dante's Inferno and the concept of good and evil - Sociology - Essay

595 words - 3 pages good and evil will be explored. Inferno: Dante’s Inferno is his representation of hell and sources of evil. The concept of good and evil is a never ending idea that varies within all humans. In contrast from Paradiso, the Inferno represents evil in many ways. For example, as he is climbing up the mountain, he feels the warmth and light given off by the light at the top. The sheer distance Dante travels away from heaven symbolizes the distance he

fictional short story assignment - peacock ela - writing exercise

423 words - 2 pages Weber/Curses Curses By Ashton Weber The still frigid air burned the insides of his lungs, keeping his senses on high alert. He will not die, not here, not now. He continues to climb the cliffs and jagged rocks, determined to reach the opponent he has been seeking for so long. The ledges of rock he stood upon were high above any sign of life; no plants grew in this cold; no birds flew at this height. Why would a man in armour so heavy, scabbard

Assignment On A Day In The Wilderness

1301 words - 6 pages On this cold and unusually brisk afternoon the wilderness calls as our hike progresses further into nature. At first it seems like I am in a sensory deprivation tank, no television, music, food or aromas, but that first impression gradually changes as I wander farther. My senses become liberated as I begin to step out of that tank. I begin to notice the simple beauty by which I am surrounded. The trees hold out their branches like arms, waiting

These are answers to earth notes. - Science 10 - Assignment

576 words - 3 pages 12.1 Notes Answers What evidence did Wegener give to support the theory of plate tectonics? Continents looked like they fit together Fossils Coal deposits Glacier evidence Mountains, rock formations What was the name of the supercontinent? The supercontinent was named Pangaea What evidence did Wegener find regarding geologic structures and rocks to support his theory on continental drift? 1. mountain ranges that begin on one continent, end at

What Really Happened At Masada?

991 words - 4 pages Professor ClineAnthropology 188Masada Position PaperAt one of the lowest points on Earth, by the Dead Sea in Israel, a flat-topped mountain called Masada "became a metaphor for the new state of Israel-a place where, Jews making their last stand against the Romans, three years after Jerusalem fell in 70 A.D., finally chose mass suicide over surrender. "Never again will Masada fall" became the refrain (Ben-Yehuda et al, 1998)." According to

Glacier Bay, Alaska: Nature's Display Of Beauty And Power

877 words - 4 pages and dance they have been practicing for centuries. Finally, the smell from the salty ocean mixed with the mossy scent of the forest will strike you and remind you that amongst all that power, there is true refreshment. You can taste the fresh air. It cleanses your palate like cold, fresh water from a mountain stream.The wildlife that lives in this forest around these glaciers and in the bay is very amazing. The killer whales are constantly

One Summer Day On Tompkins Mountain

868 words - 4 pages , even the flowers seemed to gather their petals and shut out the night. The grass was unmoving. I heard noises and rustling bushes behind me. I quickly seized my bike, with my heart pounding, and made my way home with the stars guiding me and the cold biting at my ankles.Something stirred in me, and in everything else out there, a fear, a fear of the night. There was something different about the nights here, something that I could not explain. As I gazed out the window of my new room, in my warm, tattered old pajamas, I realized that the days on top of Tompkins mountain, my new home, would never be the same again.

Cold War Study Guide with answers - World History - Study Guide

633 words - 3 pages Cold War Study Guide 1. Why did many European colonies gain independence after WW2? ​Because the British empire had gone bankrupt. 2. What types of protest did Gandhi preach?​ Non violent protest for equality. 3. What is civil disobedience? ​Refusal to Obey unjust laws. 4. Describe the Amritsar massacre. ​Not on test. 5. What two nations were formed after India gained its independence? ​India and Pakistan 6. How did Gandhi’s actions affect the

Explanation of how the sphere is linked to others - asss - asasas

880 words - 4 pages Free poles and cold air towards the equator. Mainly Nitrogen, Oxygen as well as argon, carbon dioxide, helium and neon. The atmosphere links with all other subsystems to influence the climate, trigger geological processes and affect life all over the earth. Lithosphere It is the solid outer part of the earth which includes the brittle upper portion of the mantle and the crust, the outermost layers of Earth’s structure. The elasticity and ductility depends

Billy Collins, Analysis Of His Poems. Shoveling Snow With Buddha, Victoria's Secret, And I Chop Some Parsley While Listening To Art Blakey's Version Of "Three Blind Mice"

3312 words - 14 pages Free evident as well. “ … over the mountain / of his bare, round shoulder. ” “ … cold mist on our faces. ” “ … glittering white snow. ” “ … winter geese barking in the sky, ” “ and drive off … with a broken heater fan and a song on the radio. ” All of these phrases make the reader feel as if they are in the middle of winter along with Buddha and the narrator. The reader feels the

Robert Frost

1647 words - 7 pages the end by fire will be and end caused by desire. The end by ice will be caused by hate or war. This poem was created during the cold war so the end by ice is a reference to the world ending by the cold war between Russia and the United States. Even though conflict never took part it was a war of egos which would have exploded into the third world war. The desire that is portrayed by fire is controlled by passion and can spread quickly leaving

The midnight theft creative writing Assignment - ABC - Creative writing

1695 words - 7 pages Free As the sun slowly settled, darkness began to overcome the Earth. Sickness—had come. The sickness slowly but readily crept into each home. It was the Midnight Theft. The destructive plague stole during midnight—it stole lives. Deep in the heart of Tukenasville, people were dying, and the whole country was beginning to perish. The flowers withered as they bloomed. The mountain peaks crumbled under steer weight. Animals fled to holes to live out