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Ricardo Joassin Period 4 Survey English Ms Reed Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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Ricardo Joassin
Period 4
Survey English
Ms reed

Shakespeare’s Hamlet five Quotations

“Punished me with this and this with me”
This quote means when Hamlet rushed in the room when his mother calls him and he discovers that somebody else is spying on him. He looks through the curtains and take out his sword and strike Polonius and he dies. He ...view middle of the document...

To die or to live that is the question. He says that the miseries of life are such that no one willingly bear then except that they are a afraid of something suffer death. Because we do not know what to expect in the afterlife we would rather bear those ills we have.
“Breeder of sinners”
He says that women make a lot of men behave like monsters and make them go crazy in their minds, and contributing to the world’s dishonesty.
“Catch the conscience of the king”
By that he means he was going to put on a play about a king who as murdered by a man who puts poison in his ear. If Claudius acts very odd to this play that means he is guilty of killing the King .
“You are keen my Lord you are keen”
Complimenting him on how sharp intellect and how impressive that he was that he is and he responded with It would cost you a groaning

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