Rimmel Clothing And Apparel Family Fued Biblography Research Paper

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Afaf Albaneh
Sociology 3
Prof. Sabeen
Feb 25, 2018
Rimmel and American Apparel
In this essay I chose two companies advertisement to compare, they are Rimmel and American Apparel everyone is looking for success. Some companies like to do things that are clean and their importance is to look professional to sell their products. But most of the people just do whatever is on their hands that helps them succeed. Whatever the consequences they will face and would bring they have their own way to overcome. The social network today gave us more than what we expected, it can bring the lies into the true picture. And this is what companies mostly use to create an incredible image to sell their items at a high price that will make their businesses get bigger. Rimmel and American Apparel is a seduction to people such as attractive gender, Rimmel has goods like makeup, and American Apparel is offering people to buy items when they show sexy clothes.
I have first chosen to go to the Rimmel’s company website to check the new collection they have. To begin first I would like to start with the meaning of Rimmel which means mascara in many different languages. When I go to their website the picture they have was irresistible I got sucked on by the products. They make me feel that I really want that makeup. An example of what they have is Insta Duo Contour Stick, Insta Conceal, Correct Palette, and many more goods. As much as this company is so famous for their makeup they have good prices. An example from the article of Anna Chesters she said, "It's easy to experiment with an eyeshadow if it only costs £3.99." And I'm so surprised by that If a company like Rimmel sells by that amazing price.
American Apparel is a company who likes to show clothes with a sexy style I knew that from the advertisement that I see. Their website shows the price and it is so high even when I pressed on the sale section. Even though sometimes the clothes are not that much with high quality it’s because of the women who work for that company, the company uses people’s bodies just to show off their clothes, by that they make the price so high. Around 2000, American Apparel was one of the most famous company who got millions on selling products. But after that by sixteen years, the company got lost because the bad behavior who pulled into a bad reputation. An example of that Dov Charney who won the American Apparel and known as sexual harassment said, " Sleeping with people you work with is unavoidable." I would like to say that it is unacceptable for a big company who has a history to say something like that and it is unexpected.
In conclusion being successful is an amazing thing, but not at the expense of others. Rimmel and American Apparel are attractive to women and men. Rimmel’s makeup has high quality and its cheap. And this is what people are looking for, stuff that makes a good change without buying much money. American Apparel also has nice stuff but they are expensive also their shame reputation caused failure to their name, and this is what people not looking for. Life is full of riches, and the key to success is to build life with credibility first.
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Mon 24 Jan 2012 08.09 Est
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Sun 10 Sep 2017 11:00 EDT


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