Riordan Mfg. Strategic Plan Development

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Riordan Manufacturing, Inc is a leader in the field of injection molding, and plastics. Riordan operates state-of-the art design facilities able to create innovative plastic designs that have earned the company international acclaim. Currently Riordan is a Fortune 1000 enterprise, operating in three United States location as well as Hangzhou, China. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004) The following discussion will review Riordan Manufacturing's Mission, vision, and strategic objectives. The current operating status of Riordan Manufacturing and the role of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Riordan's strategic objectives will be identified. As well as the impacts of globalization on Riordan's posit ...view middle of the document...

Many companies think they are implementing TQM but the strategic objectives are, market share, profitability and return on investment. Often companies do not understand that these metrics are only outcomes. In order to achieve the expected outcomes, the root cause must be identified and satisfied. The bottom-line is customer satisfaction. Simply stated, satisfying the customer keeps them coming back. Therefore, the focus of TQM is total customer satisfaction. Based on Riordan's mission statement they understand the importance of adopting TQM philosophy. They do have profitability as an objective. However, the last bullet point on the list. Their main focus is continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.Globalization has impacted Riordan's by intensifying the companies need for a sound Total Quality Management (TQM) plan. Two of the key elements of TQM are, looking for ways to maintain continuous improvements, while maintaining a "lean manufacturing process."Continuous improvement is the ability to recognize opportunities in the operation or process that can be improved upon to strengthen the operation. The continuous improvement process is a never ending process of taking advantage of new technology, information, or other means to maintain an ever improving the process. When reaching out to the global market the continuous improvement process is strained and put to the test as the competition raises so does the pace of continuous improvement. During the process of continuous improvement Riordan must remain a low cost producer of plastics to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The way to achieve that goal is through lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing, in its simplest term, is the ability to produce a product without adding additional cost. Cost that is added to the production process that does not add value is waste and has a negative effect on the bottom line. Knowing that 100% value added is most likely impossible, and waste will be in the process, the process of examining the operation through the mindset of continuous improvement and driving the organization to be lean is the key (L...


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2295 words - 10 pages retention (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001).The last issue that needs to be review is that the Human Resource division has had little input on the business plan for Riordan Manufacturing. This department at this time reports to the finance department with no direct association to the CEO of the company. In order for Riordan Manufacturing to realize and gain strategic advantage in the area of human capital, a superior human resource management system

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2595 words - 11 pages Business Solutions to Inventory FunctionsDuring a brief span of 14 years Riordan Manufacturing has grown from a small plastics research and development firm to a multinational plastics manufacturing power. Riordan has expanded their operation to multiple manufacturing and distribution points across North America and China as a result of this growth. Riordan now services over 32 customers of varying in size, including automotive parts

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1604 words - 7 pages desirable productivity and profits based on the assumption of measurability of plan (“STRATEGIC PLANNING”, n.d.). Nevertheless, the fact is that there are full of unpredictable changes and variables in economy, industry, society and market. In this sense, the conventional strategic planning has its limitations as the planning, visioning or forecasting cannot lead to predictable success. For instance, Sony Corporation, once described as Japan’s

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5213 words - 21 pages Beer's (1997) article, he quoted Bill Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett Packard, HR functions should shed its traditional administrative, compliance, and service role and adopt a new strategic role concerned with the development of the organization.Teo and Rodwell (2007), examine the level of operational and strategic involvement by HR departments, the influence of HR departments, and the level of strategic integration as predictors of HRM performance

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2389 words - 10 pages -related quality management practices in new product development: A dynamic capability perspective.International Journal of Operations & Production Management,38(1), 43-66. Hitka, M., Lorincov, S., Bartkov, G. P., Libetinov, L., tarcho, P., Li, C., ... & Mura, L. (2018). Strategic tool of human resource management for operation of SMEs in the wood-processing industry.BioResources,13(2), 2759-2774. Tang, G., Chen, Y., Jiang, Y., Paille, P., & Jia, J

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2382 words - 10 pages organisations capability to develop strategy · The enhancement of the organisations capability to learn and change and this aim to develop the organisations capability to design and implement appropriate changes on an ongoing basis Aligning strategies requires HR to: 1. Understand the business strategy 2. Assess current conditions 3. Plan and implement the HR strategy 4. Measure and evaluate results and adjust as needed Strategic planning is the